Mining Hauler

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Cargo Ship

Mining Hauler

CargoShip MiningHauler Full.jpg
1579016 kg
10 m/s
Direct Fire Weapons:
Exterior Defenses:
Interior Defenses:
Ship size:

Mining cargo ship with a very large moving capacity, achieved with 18 Large Cargo Containers interconnected using conveyor blocks and conveyor tubes


Exterior Defenses

Although there are a few turrets surrounding the ship, there are blind spots

Interior Defenses


The specific antenna that spawns drones has a range of 795 meters and is named: "Hostiles detected - Requesting Backup". This antenna within range will spawn either a Incisor or less frequently a Eradicator drone in defense; They are much more formidable with the later being a serious threat, in the unlikely event it spawns. They will spawn 3000 meters away from the player and every 5 minutes up to a total number of 2 drones active any time.



Due to the side turrets being placed on the large thrusters and the top and bottom turrets being placed on the edge of the back of the ship, there seems to be no blind spot to approach from without a ship. (IMAGES ARE CURRENTLY OUTDATED)

Alternatively, there is a landing pad on the ship's back (shown in the cut-away below), but it has a Missile Turret directly in front of it.

Tactic #1 (with a ship)

Align yourself in rear of the ship( on its course ) at least 600m away and stay at the same speed. Disable the reactor using weaponry. Align your ship orientation,so your landing gears face bilge of Hauler. Now here is the tricky part. You need to perform hard landing. Turn off inertia dampeners if you have them enabled and engage reverse thrusters, but DON'T exceed 3m/s. When Hauler flies by(it should travel at 10m/s), touch down and lock landing gears. Now, use your ship main thrusters to stop Hauler - if you turn on inertia dampeners, speed should be reduced to ~1,2m/s. Once you do, access missile turret( which should be visible on top of the Hauler and turn off missile, Gatling and two inner turrets( not listed as group)

Tactic #2 (general)

Use many decoys (can be real Decoy or any block moving with more than 3 m/s) to distract the turrets.


As of v.1.042 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets are functioning and will shoot you even if you are moving less than 3m/s
The weak spot of this ship is at the back end, between the large thrusters. The main reactor is only protected by a thin layer of light armor. Disable the reactor, and the ship will be defenseless.


The ship's cockpit is directly behind the right side Spotlight, located on the ship's top.
From the ship's interior, the only way to get to the cockpit is through a small labyrinth of Passage Blocks starting at the Steel Catwalk midst the Large Cargo Containers

CargoShip MiningHauler Floorplan.jpg
There are 3 ways into this ship (assuming you don't blast a hole into it):

direct access to ship's cockpit

Hangar Doors
On either side of the ship, toward it's back, there is a large doorway (made up of armor blocks) underneath large yellow awnings.
(shown above by the large hole through the ship, in front of the Large Reactor) Entry can easily be gained by slipping through the large gaps either side of these doors.

Landing Area Door
In front of the landing area on top of the ship is a Door that leads (via vertically placed Passage Blocks) to the upper level of the cargo area.

Direct Cockpit Access
Another way to get straight to the cockpit is to use the Grinder on a single Steel Catwalk block behind it (shown in the image on the right)


Cargo containers

All of the 16 completed large cargo containers and some of the small cargo containers are interconnected and cam be accessed from many places
Cargo found so far: (the actual Cargo contends may vary)


The refineries are also connected to the conveyor system. Note the Refinery may process some of these ores before you gain access.
Cargo found so far: (the actual Cargo contents may vary)


There is 1 Large Reactor, and 1 empty small reactor.
Cargo summary:

Amounts may vary due fuel consumption

Ship Composition:

Thrusters & gyros


Cargo System



As of v.1.030 (list), the new Mining Hauler has lost it's booby trap but gained 2 Interior Turrets. Due to the working weapon systems, it gained six additional small cargo containers. The improved Conveyor system is connected to all large cargo containers, several Connectors and Collectors.

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