Small Cargo Container

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Large Ship / Station
Small Cargo Container
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass648.4 kg
648,400 g
648,400,000 mg
0.648 t
Build time15 s
Inventory Volume15,625 L
15.625 m³
1,562.5 hL
Is AirtightYes
PCU Cost10
BrowseLast edit: 2020-05-15
Small Cargo Container Icon.png
Small Ship
Small Cargo Container
Small Ship Icon.png




Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass49.2 kg
49,200 g
49,200,000 mg
0.0492 t
Build time6 s
Inventory Volume125 L
0.125 m³
12.5 hL
Is AirtightYes
PCU Cost10
BrowseLast edit: 2020-05-15


The smallest of the Cargo Containers, available on both small and large ships. Scaling at only 1 block size on all grids. The Small Cargo Container is a block with a minimal amount of inventory space used for storing components, ores, materials, and tools. It has conveyor slots on all sides for the large grid, However the small ship version only has two small conveyor ports.


The container can be manually inserted with items. However, this can be very inefficient. You can also connect it to other blocks to directly transfer items between them. Simply connect the cargo container port to either a block such as Refinerys or Conveyors connected to one with an inventory.

The small size cargo container on small ships has a very small amount of cargo space, about 125x less cargo than its large grid counterpart.


  • If you leave containers as is, items will automatically pile up inside them. But they won't prevent any from coming in. If you want to make specific cargo containers, use the Conveyor Sorter block!
  • For the ship on a budget, the Small Cargo Container is a much cheaper and lighter alternative to using straight Conveyor Tubes, and will give a bit of cargo space as a bonus. However, large numbers of tiny inventories may clutter your inventory screen and will require special effort to manage.
  • As of Update 01.093, stored items in inventories will add to the mass of the ship. The more items that are stored inside, the slower you will get!
  • If moving conveyors in and out of the ship, cargo boxes can be used in the wall as they are airtight. Conveyors aren’t and will create gaps.


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Update History

Update 01.039
  • Fixed inventory listing as same for all containers
Update 01.021.029
  • Fixed disappearing things in cargo containers
Update 01.020
  • Fixed collision model for cargo container
Update 01.019.012
  • Fixed small cargo container inventory highlight