Uranium Ore

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Uranium Ore Icon.png
Raw Material
Uranium Ore
Raw Icon.png
Mass1 kg
1,000 g
1,000,000 mg
1.0e-3 t
Volume0.37 L
3.7e-4 m³
2.368e-5 Large-Blocks
0.00296 Small-Blocks
0.037 hL
370 mL
Refine Time4 s
Refined Mass10 g
0.01 kg
10,000 mg
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Uranium ore is the rarest of ores in the game, and can only be found on an asteroid or in a meteor impact crater. It is also the darkest, having a distinct, rough appearance that is quite noticeable. You can sometimes find it in a triangular formation.

Uranium ore can be processed in a refinery, which produces Uranium Ingots. These ingots, when placed in a reactor, are one way to produce power.

Uranium Ore converts to Uranium Ingots at a ratio of 100 to 1.

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Uranium Ore Icon.png Uranium Ore