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Large Ship / Station
Small Reactor
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass4,793 kg
4,793,000 g
4,793,000,000 mg
4.793 t
Build time40 s
Inventory Volume1,000 L
1 m³
100 hL
Max Power Output15 MW
15,000 kW
15,000,000 W
Power Source GroupReactors
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost25
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Small Reactor Icon.png
Small Ship
Small Reactor
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass278 kg
278,000 g
278,000,000 mg
0.278 t
Build time20 s
Inventory Volume125 L
0.125 m³
12.5 hL
Max Power Output0.5 MW
500 kW
500,000 W
Power Source GroupReactors
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost25
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The Small Reactor provides power to the entire grid it is placed in by consuming Uranium Ingots. It is capable of providing a respectable amount of output at the cost of resources, but it is far less space-efficient compared to a Large Reactor. (Electrical efficiency is the same.) For more information on reactors in general as well as the mechanics, see the electricity page.


In order to use the reactor, the player must first acquire the needed fuel. First Uranium Ore must be mined and then processed with the Refinery into Uranium Ingots. These ingots is what powers both the small and large reactors. Power consumption is based on the amount of output the reactor is generating. The higher the output, the more uranium is used. It is far more economical to build one large reactor in resources involved to construct and total mass, than building several smaller ones.


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  • Reactors will draw in their own fuel as needed from the conveyor system. If you wish to stop this, turn off "use conveyor system" in the reactor's control panel.
  • On ships, conveyors require electricity to transfer items. If you have internal reactors that cannot be accessed directly, you will need to power the ship temporarily through some other means, such as adding a small reactor to the exterior while you add fuel to the ship's conveyor system.

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Update History

Update 01.095
  • Small Reactor output increased 3x (small block: 0.1 MW -> 0.5 MW, large block: 5 MW -> 15 MW)
Update 01.054
  • Fixed pressing "Y" shuts off all reactors regardless of ownership and sharing
  • Fixed texture issue on small reactors
Update 01.032
  • Fixed small reactor terminal not available
Update 01.021
  • Added new sounds
Update 01.020
  • Power output is now visible in the reactor’s control panel