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Large Ship / Station
Interior Turret
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass311 kg
311,000 g
311,000,000 mg
0.311 t
Build time24 s
Shot Spread0.3 °
0.00524 ‬rad
Rotation Speed114.592 deg/s
0.002 rad/ms
2 rad/s
Max Field of View60 °
1.047 rad
Max Range800 m
Rate of Fire600 RPM
10 RPS
Inventory Volume384 L
0.384 m³
38.4 hL
Power Consumption2 kW
2,000 W
0.002 MW
Power Consumer GroupDefense
PCU Cost125
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See Weapons.


Functional as of version 01.027.006, the interior turret is an automatic weapon which will target and fire upon the nearest hostile block, Decoy, moving object, meteor, or any other specified target within its operational range (adjustable via its control panel), and will always fire on enemy factions' ships and players in range. In Survival Mode it must be loaded with 5.56x45mm NATO Magazines to fire, or if while in Creative Mode it has unlimited ammunition.


The turret take the space of a single cube despite its appearance. The turret has its own internal inventory which needs to be stocked manually with 5.56x45mm NATO Magazines to function, unlike the Gatling Gun it cannot use the Conveyor Network as there are no Conveyor connections.

The interior turret does very minimal, but consistent damage. It is far less powerful than the Gatling Turret, but is relatively cheap and compact using only relatively low-cost ammunition and being able to be fitted into tight corridors. This is very much intended for an anti-personnel role, on the interior of ships and stations to defend key choke points and act as sentries.

Manual Control

Players are able to take control of any automated turret by sitting at either a Control Station, Flight Seat, Cockpit or Fighter Cockpit. After the player can navigate in the control panel to locate the turret, and click on Manual. This will bring up the 1st-person view of the turret. The player can move, and shoot with the turret while in this mode - unlike the Camera the turret does not seem to support zoom functions.

Control Panel

Shoot Once Fires only a single round
Shoot On/Off Continuously fires the weapon
Control Manually control Turret
Aiming radius The distance at which the turret will fire at the target
Enable idle movement The turret will periodically move around


Meteors Will target incoming meteors
Moving objects Any object that moves at a speed above 2.5 meters per second. All blocks, entities, and players.
Missiles Will attempt to shoot down any missiles within range
Small ships Will target small ship grids, and small blocks
Large ships Will target large ship grids, and large blocks
Characters Will target player/npc entities
Station Will target static station grids, and large blocks attached to it


Interior Turret IntTurret01.jpg
Interior Turret IntTurret02.jpg


  • Interior turrets are better suited for defense against other Space Engineers, and other entities. They aren't as effective at destroying blocks like the larger Gatling Turret.
  • These turrets can be used to fight off meteors at a cheap cost, but they will have a difficult time destroying the larger meteors.

Known Issues

  • Unintentionally turrets may fire at your ship if a target passes behind blocks fast enough, however it was disengage after the target does so.
  • It does not discriminate between friend or foe in some situations if you have your turret targeting moving objects

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Update History

Update 01.057.005
  • Fixed crash on weapon lasers
Update 01.055
  • Fixed crash caused by turrets firing
Update 01.054
  • Fixed performance drop issue with many turrets
Update 01.052.023
  • Fixed crash caused by turret
Update 01.051.011
  • Fixed turret is used by somebody else when any client changes antenna range
  • Fixed turret is still used even when out of range
  • Fixed crash in turrets
  • Added message when turret runs out of ammo
Update 01.051
  • Remote turret control
Update 01.046
  • Fixed turret rectangle visibility
Update 01.045
  • Fixed hacked block getting shot by own turrets
Update 01.043
  • Fixed turrets ignoring decoy blocks
Update 01.042
  • Fixed turret sound playing even if turret is OFF
Update 01.041
  • Fixed turret rectangle is visible when weapons are not enabled in world
  • Fixed turrets target stuff on when moving
Update 01.040
  • Fixed visible aiming rectangle when turret is off after loading new world
Update 01.039
  • Fixed turrets fire at ships in junk yard
Update 01.033
  • Fixed turret targeting lag
Update 01.032
  • Fixed weapon targeting dots
Update 01.030
  • Balanced damage of projectile weapons/turrets – now everything does 4x more damage
  • Turret targeting can be changed in control panel, all moving objects can be set as targets
Update 01.029
  • Fixed turret particle effect visible when turret was not shooting
Update 01.028
  • Fixed turret animation on clients
Update 01.027
  • Interior turrets introduced, and are now functional. They aim automatically and can destroy meteorites, decoys and anything that is connected to the decoy. They can be used mostly as defense mechanism and not for shooting other players, but if a decoy is placed inside a space ship or space station, the turrets will shoot and damage it