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Construction Component Icon.png
Construction Component
Component Icon.png


Mass8 kg
8,000 g
8,000,000 mg
0.008 t
Volume2 L
0.002 m³
1.28e-4 Large-Blocks
0.016 Small-Blocks
0.2 hL
2,000 mL
Base Production Time1 s
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Construction Components, which appear as a toolbox, are used in almost every block's construction.

They take considerably longer to assemble than most other components.

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Construction Components:

Name Icon
ATM ATM Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Advanced Rotor Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Air Vent Air Vent Icon.png
Airtight Hangar Door Airtight Hangar Door Icon.png
Antenna Antenna Icon.png
Arc Furnace Arc Furnace Icon.png
Arc Furnace Arc Furnace Icon.png
Armory Armory Icon.png
Armory Lockers Armory Lockers Icon.png
Artificial Mass Artificial Mass Icon.png
Assembler Assembler Icon.png
Basic Assembler Basic Assembler Icon.png
Bathroom Bathroom Icon.png
Battery Battery Icon.png
Battery Battery Icon.png
Battery Battery Icon.png
Beacon Beacon Icon.png
Bed Bed Icon.png
Button Panel Button Panel Icon.png
Chairless Desk Chairless Desk Icon.png
Chairless Desk Corner Chairless Desk Corner Icon.png
Cockpit Cockpit Icon.png
Collector Collector Icon.png
Connector Connector Icon.png
Console Block Console Block Icon.png
Contracts Contracts Icon.png
Control Panel Control Panel Icon.png
Control Seat Control Seat Icon.png
Control Station Control Station Icon.png
Conveyor Conveyor Icon.png
Conveyor Frame Conveyor Frame Icon.png
Conveyor Junction Conveyor Junction Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter Conveyor Sorter Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter Small Conveyor Sorter Small Icon.png
Conveyor Tube Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Corner Couch Corner Couch Icon.png
Corner LCD Bottom Corner LCD Bottom Icon.png
Corner LCD Flat Bottom Corner LCD Flat Bottom Icon.png
Corner LCD Flat Top Corner LCD Flat Top Icon.png
Corner LCD Top Corner LCD Top Icon.png
Corner Light Corner Light Icon.png
Corner Light - Double 64px
Couch Couch Icon.png
Cryo Chamber Cryo Chamber Icon.png
Curved Conveyor Tube Curved Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Decoy Decoy Icon.png
Desk Desk Icon.png
Desk Corner Desk Corner Icon.png
Diagonal Window Diagonal Window Icon.png

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Construction Component Icon.png Construction Component 
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