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Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Conveyor Tube
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass394 kg
394,000 g
394,000,000 mg
0.394 t
Build time7 s
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost10
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-06
Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Small Ship
Medium Conveyor Tube
Small Ship Icon.png



Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,3
Mass374 kg
374,000 g
374,000,000 mg
0.374 t
Build time6 s
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost10
BrowseLast edit: 2020-04-13


The conveyor tube is a pipe that can transfer items from two opposite sides. It is similar to the Conveyor Junction but slightly stronger and only has 2 ports. For curves, the player must use Conveyor Junctions or Curved Conveyor Tubes. For a full explanation on conveyors, see Conveyor Network.

Another interesting feature of the conveyor tube is that it also has indicator lights on it that inform the player of its status:

Indicator Light Definitions
Color Status Comments
Air Vent Front Indicator Green.png Good Connection This color informs that there is a successful connection between inventories.
Yellow Indicator.png Limited Connection This color indicates that the conveyors will only move ammo due to limited power supply (current power demand exceeds supply).
Air Vent Front Indicator Red.png No Connection / No power This tube is not connected to at least two inventories or is unpowered.
.... Damaged / No Connection This specific Conveyor Tube is damaged and needs to be repaired to function.
  • When not powered, the lights on the conveyor tube will turn red. However, this does not mean items cannot be transferred.
Important Note


Using the block is simple, and easy to use. An example on how to make use of this is to first:

Example Tutorial
  1. Place a cargo container anywhere on the floor
  2. Next place the conveyor tube on the cargo container facing the other direction. You will notice the lights on the block are "red", this is okay; it only indicates that there is no connection on the other end of the conveyor.
  3. Now place another cargo container on the other side of the conveyor tube.
  4. The light should now turn green, indicating a successful connection


View of the conveyor tube
Conveyor tubes on a red default ship
A small welder ship using conveyor tubes
A long line of conveyor tubes on the bottom of the big blue default ship


  • Compared to the Conveyor Junction it possesses less versatility (having only 2 conveyor sides) and is heavier, but in exchange it is less expensive in terms of Iron Ingots and stronger in terms of integrity since it's made up of sturdy Steel Plate unlike the Conveyor Junction which is primarily constructed out of weaker Interior Plates.
  • Players building a small ship on a budget can use Small Cargo Containers as a lighter and cheaper (although requiring some less-common resources) replacement for conveyors.

Known Issues

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Update History

Update 01.037.014
  • removed computer component from conveyors (so turret won't attack it)
Update 01.034.009
  • Fixed crashes caused by conveyor
Update 01.034
  • Added the option to take anything from conveyor system by double-clicking
Update 01.032
  • Optimized conveyor tube glass rendering
Update 01.031
  • New larger conveyors for small ships (able to transport every item)
Update 01.030
  • Fixed minor conveyor issues (energy usage)
Update 01.027
  • Conveyor systems now require power (electricity) in order to function
Update 01.026
  • Conveyor Tube introduced