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All Wiki-related notices will be posted in this section here. Please check back here every once in awhile or keep the page under your watch-list for updates.

Programming for Block pages (29/11/2015)

To keep the wiki organized, and prevent misinformation, and outdated ones from being posted on multiple pages; When creating or editing a block page, under the "Programming" headers, please link the appropriate block instead from the Programming_Guide/Action_List. An example of this can be found in the Programmable Block. This way when any changes are made, they are redirected into one page. All further edits to the action list should be made in the above link. Or you can find it on the main page > Programming Guide > Block Classes (Action List)

Block & Item information & Balance revamp

As of Update 01.095, all block costs, power consumption, and strengths have been completely revamped by KeenSoftwareHouse. Please update all block pages to compensate for new changes. Thank you --Sapphire (talk) 02:41, 14 August 2015 (UTC)

Faction page split

The Factions page has been split into two groups. Factions is an explanation of the in-game mechanic. Player Created Factions is the wiki/multiplayer aspect. If any multiplayer related pages link to factions, please change modify them to be redirected to Player Created Factions instead.

Keen Forums Changes

Since the last update to the Keen forums (04/01/15), all links there have been broken. In order to find the new address for a forum page, replace "post" in the URL with "threads" and replace the final dash in the URL with a period. For example, the link to the Update 1.075 announcement would change from "" to "". Please fix any and all broken forum links you find. Thank you!jkat718 (talk) 15:15, 4 April 2015 (UTC)

Capcha Removal

Capcha will be removed for editors that have shown a meaningful contribution to the wiki. At least 5 edits to the main namespace is required for removal. To request removal of your capcha sign, please sign your username in the community discussion page topic


  1. Mathematics Formula Extension to be added to the wiki

Current Projects

The projects listed below are among top priority to help keep the wiki updated and relevant. Such projects will likely

Outdated pages

These pages listed here are automatically posted here via {{outdated}} tag. These are very out of date and require intimidate attention.

Stub pages

The pages listed here are automatically posted here via {{stub}} tag. A stub page means that the page only has placeholder or very basic information and requires it to be expanded.


I am marking in here pages that need to be translated, if you are able you are welcome to translate the following pages.

Main Page

Some useful information and tools are provided in the following link:






And many others, the complete list needs to be done.


Suggested Projects

Suggestions here aren't top priority, however it has either been requested, suggested, or recommended to help better the wiki.

  • If you have a suggestion and wish to discuss it, please post it in the discussion page of the community portal to help keep this page better organized.

Armour Deformation

If at all possible, could someone explain the mechanics of "deformation" inside this page here in this header Armor_block#Deformation.


All discussions related here can be posted on the community portal talk page or on KeenSoftwareHouse Forums