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Le Grand Nuage de Magellan
Server Mode:
Max Players:
Speed (I) (R) (E) (A):
1 1 1 1
Cargo Ships:
Monde infini - 19 Planetes
Group Only:


Fonded by Elsephire January 5, 2015, Le Grand Nuage de Magellan is a French private server on the game Space Engineers.

The Community has about 550 members and this number continues to rise exponentially. We operate in a meaningful way in order to make stable and idyllic multiplayer experience for each of our members. Our team is based on a small group of people working as volunteers.

Present on the server.

  • A world with 19 planets and moons.
  • Input and output structures on the server.
  • PvE and PvP sectors.
  • The server maintenance periods is automated (save, reboot, etc..).
  • A functional safezone on the server (100 km radius).
  • An trading house.
  • A currency (Magellan Point).
  • An insurance system for structures.
  • A garage system for structures.
  • Teleportation relay (To reach the various sectors).
  • Spatial factory Capturation (King of the Hill).
  • A progression system for some blocks (MK2 to MK10).
  • Specializations (and unlocking more powerful blocks).

Le Grand Nuage de Magellan it's before all.

  • Server optimizations specifically designed for players.
  • The structures of the players are saved, even after several months of inactivity
  • A backup every hour, archived indefinitely.
  • An automatic restart every 6 hours.
  • An automatic restart within 60 seconds after a server crash.
  • An automatic backup of the world every 5 minutes.
  • A maximum difficulty (1/1/1).
  • A procedural world unlimited in extreme density.
  • A dedicated server at OVH, paid by the server community through donations.
  • An extender designed by and for the server.

The Community

Register and post your application on the forum.
The server and the forum have rules, any failure will be punished.
This can range from a simple warning to a permanent ban.

The community's average age is between 20 and 30 years.

Rules & Advice

Rules & Advice

The server's safe zone is a sphere of 100km radius,with the center, gps point 0, 0, 0 (X, Y, Z).

The PvP's area of the server lies outside of safe zones, and PvE sectors. There are also PvP sectors, with capture position.​

The structure renaming is required. Small Ship, Large Ship and Platform.

  • Illegal characters: < > : | " \ / ? *
  • Words prohibited in structure name: Grid, Platform, Ship

Retrieve the properties of your structures.

The unnamed structure are not restored on request.

The grief in server safe's zone and "station secured" of players, is prohibited and punishable by permanent ban.

It is recommended to use blocks MK.

It is not recommended to build in a asteroid, above all without respect their original forms. We can recharge the asteroid at any time.​

Any players can have a "station secured".

In order not to compromise the stability of the server and your playing comfort, it is preferable that each manager and head of faction and any player becoming aware of the limitations server per player per Faction.

  • Limits maximum blocks

If you don't found the server, in your favorite server list, check in the server list of space engineers.

All attitude disrespectful to any community member is punishable with a permanent ban.

You can't use your "Jump drive" to less of 10km of a PvP sector's relays, and near to the market place.

Good Game !​

Limits maximum blocks

The limitations are scripted, no player can override the limitation imposed.

Maximum limit of block by player

Maximum limit of block by player
Block(s) Name Number
Assembler Icon.png Assembler 4

Maximum limit of block by faction

Maximum limit of block by faction
Block(s) Name Number
Assembler Icon.png Assembler 4

Maximum limit of block by structure

Maximum limit of block by structure
Block(s) Name Number
Assembler Icon.png Assembler 4
Air Vent Icon.png Air Vent 10
Laser Antenna Icon.png Laser Antenna 4
Battery Icon.png Battery MK10 8
Timer Block Icon.png Timer Block 20
Programmable Block Icon.png Programmable Block 4
Sound Block Icon.png Sound Block 10
Sensor Icon.png Sensor 10
Collector Icon.png Collector 4
Small Cargo Container Icon.png Medium Cargo Container Icon.png Large Cargo Container Icon.png Small Cargo Container MK10 ● Medium Cargo Container MK10 ● Large Cargo Container MK10 50
Conveyor Sorter Icon.png Conveyor Sorter Small Icon.png Conveyor SorterConveyor Sorter Small 4
Ore Detector Icon.png Ore Detector 2
LCD Panel Icon.png Wide LCD Panel Icon.png LCD PanelWide LCD Panel 20
Oxygen Farm Icon.png Oxygen Farm MK10 2
Drill Icon.png Drill 1
Gyroscope Icon.png Gyroscope MK10 6
Gravity Generator Icon.png Gravity Generator 4
Spherical Gravity Generator Icon.png Spherical Gravity Generator 4
Artificial Mass Icon.png Artificial Mass MK10 6
Oxygen Generator Icon.png Oxygen Generator MK10 4
Jump drive Icon.png Jump drive MK10 2
Interior Light Icon.png Interior Light 200
Grinder (Ship) Icon.png Grinder (Ship) 2
Assembler Icon.png RotorRotor Part 4
Assembler Icon.png Solar Panel MK10 20
Assembler Icon.png Piston BasePiston Top 4
Airtight Hangar Door Icon.png Airtight Hangar Door 120
Spotlight Icon.png Spotlight 50
Large Atmospheric Thruster Icon.png Large Hydrogen Thruster Icon.png Large Thruster Icon.png Small Atmospheric Thruster Icon.png Small Hydrogen Thruster Icon.png Small Thruster Icon.png Large Atmospheric Thruster MK10 ● Large Hydrogen Thruster MK10 ● Large Thruster MK10 ● Small Atmospheric Thruster MK10 ● Small Hydrogen Thruster MK10 ● Small Thruster MK10 50
Large Reactor Icon.png Small Reactor Icon.png Large Reactor MK10 ● Small Reactor MK10 10
Oxygen Tank Icon.png Hydrogen Tank Icon.png Oxygen Tank MK10 ● Hydrogen Tank MK10 4
Welder (Ship) Icon.png Welder (Ship) 2
Gatling Turret Icon.png Interior Turret Icon.png Missile Turret Icon.png Gatling TurretInterior TurretMissile Turret 24

The World

Server map is unlimited procedural world and in extreme density where asteroid storms are disabled.
There is in all, 19 planetary elements distributed in each sector.
The server safe area is a sphere with a radius of 100km, with the center gps point 0, 0, 0 (X, Y, Z).

Magellan Map.png

The relays

The server has 7 sectors, to be able to (join / leave) players must get to the center of the relay corresponding to their next destination. The relays are 3D models ok the gates of Eve Online


The sectors

The server has 7 sectors, to be able to (join / leave) players must get to the center of the relay corresponding to their next destination.

In PvE and PvP sectors, players structures are vulnerable, except it's protected by safe station. Currently, drones, cyber-dogs and spiders are disabled, on PvE and PvP sectors.

PvP Sectors

PvP sectors are accessible to all, in each sector is a factory.

Sector PvP n°1

From center to PvP n°1 sector : X: 75000, Y: 0, Z: 0
From PvP n°1 sector to center : X: 3000000000, Y: 0, Z: 0

Sector PvP n°2

From center to PvP n°2 sector : X: 0, Y: 75000, Z: 0
From PvP n°2 sector to center : X: 0, Y: 3000000000, Z: 0

Sector PvP n°3

From center to PvP n°3 sector: X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 75000
From PvP n°3 sector to center : X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 3000000000

PvE Sectors
Sector Arguros

From center to Arguros's sector : X: -75000, Y: 0, Z: 0
From Arguros's sector to center : X: -3000000000, Y: 0, Z: 0

Sector Séparatiste

From center to Séparatiste's sector : X: 0, Y: -75000, Z: 0
From Séparatiste's sector to center : X: 0, Y: -3000000000, Z: 0

Sector Prométhéen

From center to Prométhéen's sector : X: 0, Y: 0, Z: -75000
From Prométhéen's sector to center : X: 0, Y: 0, Z: -3000000000

Trading house

The trading house on the server allows players to perform various exchanges with the bank or another player.


  • Buy or Sale ressources (ores, ingots and components).
  • Buy or Sale ships.
  • Buy or Sale points.
  • Trying ships.

It has 6 parking allowing players to come with their ships. The structure is indestructible and pressurized.


The only way for the player to go to the trading house is to join PvP n°1 sector. The trading house is located in a crater on the type of planet Mars.

(Picture n°1)
(Picture n°2)

Commands list (Enter "aide" for see command list.)
Commands Definitions Examples
echange [Number] [Type] contre [Type] To exchange with the bank echange 1000 point contre platine minerai
echange [Number] [Type] contre [Number] [Type] avec [Parking Number] To exchange with a player echange 100 fer lingot contre 10 plaque d'acier avec 1
vendre [Type] pour [Number Points] To sale a small ship vendre croiseur pour 150000
essayer [Ship number] To trying a ship essayer 36
acheter [Ship number] To buy a ship acheter 36

Lexicon of command.
Warning words are all singular.

Type Ore :
Argent minerai
Cobalt minerai
Fer minerai
Magnesium minerai
Nickel minerai
Or minerai
Pierre minerai
Platine minerai
Silicium minerai
Uranium minerai

Type Ingot :
Argent lingot
Cobalt lingot
Fer lingot
Magnesium lingot
Nickel lingot
Or lingot
Pierre lingot
Platine lingot
Silicium lingot
Uranium lingot

Type Component :
Generateur de gravite composant
Plaque d'acier composant
Radio composant
Plaque Interieur composant
Ordinateur composant
Detecteur composant
Medical composant
Moteur composant
Ecran composant
Echafaudage composant
Grand tube composant
Grille composant
Reacteur composant
Petit tube composant
Cellule solaire composant
Thruster composant
Cellule energetique composant
Explosif composant
Superconducteur composant
Construction composant
Vitre composant

Type Ammo :
184mm munition
45mm munition
Missile munition

Type Point :

Type Component specialization :
Composant de specialisation


  • Your structure should be close to a free parking lot to get commands, the corresponding tag will change from free to occupied.
  • You can't sell resources in player inventory.
  • To exchange with another player, use the same console.
  • During a test, you must stay in a circle at least 2 km from the station, the ship will disappear 30 minutes after its occurrence.
  • There are two LCD type, One for buying and trying of ship (see picture n°2), One for other exchange (see picture n°1).
  • A 20% tax will be applied on your purchases or sales trading house.


PvP sectors are accessible to all, in each sector is a factory. If it's captured by a faction more 12 hours on 1 days, the faction will receive 1000 points (each player's faction will receive 1000/number of players in the faction).

To receive your points you need to connect at least two minutes in the day. The calculation is performed every day at midnight.
To capture a factory there should be no enemies within 400 meters for 10 minutes.

Commands list

Insurance commands

Add one more month to the current subscription of a structure.

Ensures structure.

Lets show an insured structure on site.

Lets show where it was registered for the last time.

Update of the registered structure.

Displays a list of commands and insured structures.

Garage commands

Exits a structure put in the garage on site.

Exits a structure put in the garage where it was registered for the last time.

Displays a list of commands and catalog parked structures.

Lets put a structure in the garage.

Other commands

History Shows the chat.

Displays available points.

Enables debug a ship less than 1km.

/ticket MESSAGE
Report a problem with the server.

Lets give points to another player.

Enable / disable the tracking system objects.

Magellan Creation

Magellan Creation est le nom donné à la branche de création de contenu pour Space Engineers par l'équipe du serveur francophone, Le Grand Nuage de Magellan et leurs consultants.
Vous trouverez dans cette collection tous les mod "labbelisé" Magellan Creation.
Magellan Creation on steam


Business Contact: