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Conveyor Sorter Small


Mass (kg):
Build time (seconds):
Active power consumption (MW):
Storage Capacity (L):
Dimensions (W x H x D):
1 x 1 x 1


The small conveyor sorter is the smaller version of the Conveyor Sorter. It is a one way block that is capable of separating incoming items from either Cargo Containers or other Conveyor blocks. It can either allow specific items, or blacklist them and allow the rest through.


The sorter is a one way Conveyor. The arrows indicate the direction the items will be passing through. Items cannot travel both ways through the sorting conveyor. The player can either choose to blacklist a few items, or white-list a few and block the rest. This block can be useful for allowing only specific items such as Ores and Components to be stored into a Cargo Container. Keep in mind the smaller version of the Conveyor Sorter is only capable of passing only specific items through it. See list for which items may pass through - Small conveyor item list


  • Drain All - Automatically pulls items through it from connected inventories. If filters are set, only selected items will be pulled through.
  • Filter Mode - Adjusts between Blacklist (items in list will not pass through), and Whitelist (items in list are the only ones allowed to pass through).
  • Active Filters - Any items in this list will either be allowed through, or denied depending on which filter mode is selected.
  • Add new filter - All items that can be filtered will be listed here and can be added into the active filter. Items with special characters represent cateogires. All items under that category will either be allowed or denied. (example: *ore* represents all Ores)


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  • If you're creating a container for ores only, it's easier to add *ores* for example to the active filters list, rather than selecting each individual ore. The only exception is if you want only specific ores inside.

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