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Cargo Ship

Military Escort

CargoShip MilitaryEscort Full.jpg
350048 kg
25 m/s
Direct Fire Weapons:
Exterior Defenses:
Interior Defenses:
Ship size:

A Military Escort is a type of cargo ship.


Exterior Defenses

This is a military ship, so it's no surprise that it's heavily guarded.

All turrets are connected to the cargo containers via conveyor tubes.

Interior Defenses

The ship's interior has no defenses.


The specific antenna that spawns drones has a range of 2000 meters and is named: "Hostiles detected - Requesting Backup". This antenna within range will spawn either a Incisor or less frequently a Eradicator drone in defense; They are much more formidable with the later being a serious threat, in the unlikely event it spawns. They will spawn 3000 meters away from the player and every 5 minutes up to a total number of 2 drones active any time.



s of v.1.030 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets are functioning and will shoot you if you are moving with more than 3m/s.
Best aproach is, so far, to use several decoys (can be real Decoy or any block moving with more than 3 m/s) to distract the turrets. Since the Military Escort has no front or bottom turrets, the best approach vector is from the lower front.
Alternatively you can move slightly below of the path of the ship at a distance of more than 800m and activate the Inertia dampeners to keep absolutely still.
When the ship is above you, match speed with ship. But stay really close to the ship and out of the target area of the turrets.
Then access a terminal link and turn the turrets off (or the "Target moving objects" option).


As of v.1.030 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets are functioning and very accurate.
However, the Military Escort has one major weak point. Directly adjacent to the side entrance is an Interior Wall. This weak wall is all that shields one of the Small Reactors powering the ship.


There are two ways to enter this ship, from each side of the ship. These can be seen on the floor-plan below:
CargoShip MilitaryEscort Floorplan.jpg


Cargo containers

All of the six small cargo containers are interconnected and can be raided from any point.
Cargo summary:


There are two small reactors accessible from the interior containing 11kg of Uranium each.
Cargo summary:

Ship Composition:

Thrusters & gyros


Cargo System



As of v.1.030 (list), the new Military Escort not booby trapped anymore. It is now equipped with a Collector and a Connector which are connected to all small cargo containers and all turrets via conveyor tubes.
The cargo capacity is slightly enlarged (6 instead of 2 small cargo containers).The color scheme is also changed

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