Update 01.051

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Adding new asteroids in creative mode is now possible in Space Engineer. Players can select the asteroid type, materials and then place it into the world. Another new addition is the scrap metal items. When a component, either floating object or in block, is damaged, it is turned into scrap metal (the percentage of scrap metal is random). Scrap metal can be melted in the refineries to create iron ingots. Also, remote turret control has been added; players are now able to control turrets directly.



  • fixed hand animation during the block placement
  • fixed issue with transparent asteroid
  • fixed ore detector info persisting between sessions
  • fixed wrongly scaled model of large reactor
  • fixed G-screen automatically closing when another player died
  • fixed ModAPI IMyInventory.TransferItemTo freezing the game
  • fixed ModAPI CustomNameChanged crash
  • fixed ModAPI ConfigDedicated.Load exception

Hotfix 01.051.011


  • fixed turret is used by somebody else when any client changes antenna range
  • fixed turret is still used even when out of range
  • fixed crash in turrets
  • fixed warhead crash when loading game
  • added message when turret runs out of ammo
  • ModAPI added ColorMask getter for block