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Small Ship
Gatling Gun
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,4
Mass148.2 kg
148,200 g
148,200,000 mg
0.148 t
Build time13 s
Shot Spread0.4 °
0.00698 ‬rad
Rate of Fire700 RPM
11.667 RPS
Ammo Type25x184mm NATO Ammo Container Icon.png Gatling Ammo Box
Inventory Volume64 L
0.064 m³
6.4 hL
Power Consumption200 W
0.2 kW
2.0e-4 MW
Power Consumer GroupDefense
PCU Cost80
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A Gatling Gun is a fixed weapon that discharges rounds in rapid succession. It can be mounted on a small ship, and fired either by piloting and using it via action bar or manually inside the control panel.

Range: 800 m


It occupies a 4x1x1 space. In Creative Mode it has infinite ammo, but in Survival it must be loaded with 25x184mm Ammo Containers via one of the two access points on the sides. It can hold 4 full ammo containers, which is enough for approximately 10-12 seconds of continuous firing.

Control panel

Shoot Once Fires the weapon once when activated
Shoot On/Off will fire the weapon continuously until turned off or runs out of ammo


Gatling Gun Gatgun01.jpg
Gatling Gun Gatgun02.jpg


  • The gatling gun has some kick to it. If you place a large amount of them on your ship, you will be propelled back by the recoil.
  • By themselves, gatling guns aren't very threatening. If you fire a lot of them in a massive burst however, they can shred everything but heavy armor within a few seconds.

Known Issues

  • Mass amounts of gatling guns can cause a lot of lag, so be careful how many you place!
  • Caution: on dedicated servers do NOT fire this gun while moving forward. The bullets will spawn behind the gun and damage any components in the way. It's best to extend these guns on pylons away from you ship to avoid shooting yourself.

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Update History

Update 01.057.005
  • Fixed crash on weapon lasers
Update 01.054
  • Fixed gatling gun damage is too soft
Update 01.033
  • Fixed issue with small ship gatling guns not connecting to conveyor system
Update 01.030
  • Balanced damage of projectile weapons/turrets - now everything does 4x more damage
Update 01.017.012
  • Fixed gatling guns shooting itself
Update 01.016.003
  • Reduced multiplayer gatling gun lag
Update 01.015.013
  • Crosshair for small ship weapons introduced
  • Fixed placing of some objects (small ship weapons)
Update 01.014.010
  • Gatling guns can now rotate
Update 01.012.002