Update 01.054

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This week’s update includes the first batch of bugfixing. As we already informed you last week, Space Engineers is entering into a temporary stabilization period where we will focus only on bug fixing and stabilization of the things that are already in the game. This is just a temporary transition period that will last for a few weeks. There are still many big and important features to be added, but first we want to make sure that the game is free of bugs and in a much more stable state.

While waiting for the new features to come again in the game, it is a good time now, in case you haven’t done already, to start using and experimenting with the mods that our modders have created. For this, we have prepared a small video for you with selected mods created in Space Engineers.

List of Featured Mods

List of Mods:


There are no new features this week


  • fixed major lag/freeze after drilling any asteroid
  • fixed groups disappearing when player left the server
  • fixed gatling gun damage is too soft
  • fixed assembler co-operate mod unchecking itself in multiplayer
  • fixed sound levels resetting after loading the map
  • fixed exploding piston after grinding it on small ship
  • fixed crash when exporting a model from the game
  • fixed crash when pasting grid with mods that you don't have
  • fixed advanced rotor staying in control panel
  • fixed various crashes when player was shooting
  • fixed mass blocks acting weird on dedicated server
  • fixed large reactor model being too small
  • fixed music issues when loading a map
  • fixed issues where player could not place a block
  • fixed performance drop issue with many turrets
  • fixed not being able to reload reloadable rocket launcher from the front
  • fixed emissivity for spotlight block
  • fixed issue with choosing reloadable rocket launcher in toolbar
  • fixed bullets having no visible particle effect
  • fixed placing light armor block under interior light on platform
  • fixed missing particle effect when player is welding
  • fixed remote control not working when ship flights over 250m away from the platform (DS)
  • fixed unfinished assemblers unmarked in production menu
  • fixed pressing "Y" shuts off all reactors regardless of ownership and sharing
  • fixed re-spawn ships not being deleted after logout
  • fixed connector keeps disconnecting
  • fixed missing aiming dot for missile launchers on large grids
  • fixed texture issue on small reactors
  • fixed question about ownership in re-spawn screen
  • fixed missing audio files message in logs
  • fixed joining issues when character died
  • fixed wrong size of the floating objects
  • fixed warheads exploding but doing no damage
  • fixed collision with attached parts in 3rd person view
  • fixed broken piston while deleting the top part in some situations (creative mode)
  • fixed master assembler pulling small amounts of material

Hotfix 01.054.009



  • fixed lag on server side when server was shooting missiles into asteroid
  • fixed glass issues in new mwmbuilder
  • fixed rotor displacement possibilities

Known Issues

  • we know about lights issues and we are working on a fix

Hotfix 01.054.012



  • fixed the assembler issues in multiplayer that were caused after the latest update