Update 01.057

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This is the fourth update mainly focused on bugfixing. Besides this, we have also implemented sound modding for weapons and the option to attach or detach the top rotor part (this way players can build small rotor top on large rotor base).


  • weapon sound modding
  • added rotor top part with possibility to attach/detach
  • improved simulation speed in various scenarios
  • improved sensor performance
  • improved performance of lights
  • improved floating objects performance
  • improved performance for meteorite storms


Important note:

Due to some recent updates, Space Engineers may ask you again to allow it in Windows firewall. In case it does not pop-up automatically and you experience connection issues, please add the firewall exception manually.

Hotfix 01.057.005



  • fixed crash on weapon lasers
  • fixed empty Servers-list and players connecting issue
  • fixed crash with assemblers
  • fixed crashes in mwm builder
  • fixed crash with remote control deleted
  • fixed 'x' does not cancel search box
  • fixed chat scrolling bug