Update 01.028

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Added the grinder for large ships - it helps you to disassemble blocks faster and in a much larger amount comparing to the hand-grinder. We have also added the option to adjust the gyro force - useful for ships made by a small number of blocks.


  • Large ship grinder – disassemble blocks faster and in larger amount
  • Gyro force can be adjusted (useful for small sized ships)
  • Decreased the durability of the glass blocks
  • Pause button is now configurable in options
  • Silicon is now refined 2x faster
  • Large ship missile launcher cost increased


  • fixed ALT+TAB game crashes (happened mostly when in fullscreen)
  • fixed items with zero amount
  • fixed game hang-up caused by items with zero amount
  • fixed thruster destroying block with 99% integrity left
  • fixed music issues
  • fixed turret animation on clients
  • fixed leaving invisible wall after grinding the doo (sic)