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Cargo Ship

Commercial Freighter

CargoShip CommercialFreighter Full.jpg
463395 kg
10 m/s
Direct Fire Weapons:
Exterior Defenses:
Interior Defenses:
Ship size:

A Commercial Freighter is a solar-powered private ship with many large cargo containers.


Exterior defenses

This ship is guarded by three Gatling turrets.

Interior defenses

As of 01.045 1 Interior Turret inside the cockpit room.


The specific antenna that spawns drones has a range of 396 meters and is named: "EMERGENCY - REQUESTING ASSISTANCE". This antenna within range will spawn a Assailant drone in defense, at 3000 meters away from the player and every 5 minutes up to a total number of 3 drones active any time.



As of v.1.030 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets are functioning and will shoot you once within 600 meters in range.
Best tactic is, so far, to use several decoys (can be real Decoy or any block with a computer component) to distract the turrets. The approach vector with the least turret coverage is from below and behind.


As of v.1.030 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets are functioning and will shoot you once within 600 meters in range.
One of the two small reactors is located at the forward connection point of the left hull. The other one is deeply buried in the right half of the ship. Also each side contains multiple batteries near the top.


Floor-plan of the left module
Floor-plan of the right module

This ship appears as though it has been built from two similar ships, connected using three rows of interior pillars and some conveyor tubes

Left module

On the outside are two collectors and small reactor in the front. Entry is obtained via a door in the rear of the module, which gives you access to three large cargo containers and two incompleted assemblers.

Right module

This module has two levels. Entry to the "ground" floor is obtained via a door at the rear.

First level

It gives access to three Large cargo containers (one is incompleted) and a small reactor. Toward the front of the ship, there is a small vertical shaft made with passage blocks leading to the second level.

Second level

Here is the ship's cockpit and also one small cargo container. Behind this container are two gyroscopes and a Gravity generator located.


Cargo Containers

Each of the five large cargo containers are interconnected and can be plundered even from the outside (via the small reactor in front of the left hull). The small cargo container in the right hull has to be raided separately, since its is not connected to anything else.
Cargo found so far (the actual cargo contents may vary):


There are two small reactors, containing different amounts of Uranium
Cargo summary:

Amounts may vary due fuel consumption

Ship Composition:

Thrusters & gyros

Reactors & solar panels

Cargo System



As of v.1.030 (list), the game changes are most noticeable on the new Commercial Freighter. The prominent conveyor tubes, the collectors at the sides and Connector sticking out at the front distinguish the new version. The ship has lost its booby traps and one of its turrets, but gained one additional reactor.


CargoShip CommercialFreighter Full.jpg

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