Blue 2

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Blue 2 next to unfinished Blue 2.
Blue 2 docked to a solar array.

Blue 2 or just Blue Ship is a pre-fabricated ship, usually seen on many of the Easy Start maps and commonly featured in various official videos. The updated newer version of this ship has numerous features and facilitates making it suitable as general purpose very light but heavily armed transport.

The ship is made up of various sections including: a general cargo bay towards the bow that has various automated timer blocks to pressurize and depressurize, a long and narrow hallway connecting the Cargo Bay to other sections, a central deck with Medical Room connecting all other parts protected with an Interior Turret, a right wing with an Assembler, an relatively empty left wing, the bridge with Control Station at back of the entire ship (containing the gravity generator) and an accessible upper deck via passage block with cargo containers and direct access outside.

The ship when compared to Red 1 is relatively fragile (as seen in numerous official videos), with a very exposed and fragile central walkway and conveyor tube making it easy to split the ship into two.


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