Update 01.109

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After the release of Planets we are focusing this week on bug fixing and improving the building process. Placing your first block (base station) on a planet surface is now much more intuitive for newcomers and returning players. Blocks are aligned with gravity by default. You can start new grids (small/large ships, vehicles, base stations) from toolbar icons without going to G screen. This is the first iteration and more improvements are planned for the planetary building process.



  • fixed placing the base station on the surface of planets
  • fixed missing asteroids in DX9
  • fixed displacement for high grids
  • fixed loading screen in DX9
  • fixed crash when deleting LCD Panel
  • fixed crash when ships collide
  • fixed crash with hydrogen thrusters
  • fixed crash when using Jump drive
  • fixed crash when computing mass of the grid
  • fixed crash when drag and dropping items in inventory
  • fixed crash when using jetpack
  • fixed damaged reactor still providing power

Update 01.109.012 (11/20/2015)

  • fixed crash when grinding ship
  • fixed crash with Laser Antenna
  • fixed crash with Space Ball
  • fixed space bottles not showing percentage
  • fixed toolbars not saving correctly
  • fixed tutorials cannot be loaded
  • fixed deaths on server
  • fixed various bugs in tutorials