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Oxygen Bottle

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Oxygen Bottle Icon.png
Oxygen Bottle
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Mass30 kg
30,000 g
30,000,000 mg
0.03 t
Volume120 L
0.12 m³
0.00768 Large-Blocks
0.96 Small-Blocks
12 hL
120,000 mL
Base Production Time10 s
Gas Capacity100 L
10 hL
0.1 m³
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Used to store, supply and transport oxygen. These can be filled by placing them in the inventory of an Oxygen Generator or Tank. Carrying these in your inventory can extend the suit's oxygen supply; when the oxygen level gets below 25%, it will automatically be refilled from the bottle, with one bottle holding enough oxygen for just over two full refills.

A filled bottle holds 26 minutes and 27 seconds of oxygen. For more figures about players O2 consumption, see Oxygen.

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Oxygen Bottle Icon.png Oxygen Bottle