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Large Ship / Station
Large Reactor
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Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,3
Mass73,795 kg
73,795,000 g
73,795,000,000 mg
73.795 t
Build time100 s
Inventory Volume8,000 L
8 m³
800 hL
Max Power Output300 MW
300,000 kW
300,000,000 W
Power Source GroupReactors
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost25
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Large Reactor Icon.png
Small Ship
Large Reactor
Small Ship Icon.png




Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,3
Mass3,901 kg
3,901,000 g
3,901,000,000 mg
3.901 t
Build time30 s
Inventory Volume1,000 L
1 m³
100 hL
Max Power Output14.75 MW
14,750 kW
14,750,000 W
Power Source GroupReactors
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost25
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This is a much larger version of the Small Reactor. The Large reactor is much more costly to build than a Small Reactor, but has a much larger power output, making it more efficient per construction material. Its Uranium efficiency is exactly equal to that of the Small Reactor. For more information on reactors in general as well as the mechanics, see the electricity page.


In order to use the reactor, the player must first acquire the needed fuel. First Uranium Ore must be mined and then processed with the Refinery into Uranium Ingots. These ingots is what powers both the small and large reactors. Power consumption is based on the amount of output the reactor is generating. The higher the output, the more uranium is used. It is far more economical to build one large reactor, than several smaller ones.


Large Reactor LReact01.jpg


  • Whenever you place uranium ingots into a container next to a conveyor block that is connected to the reactor ... the reactors automatically will evenly distribute the ingots between each other. If you wish to stop this, you have to turn off the conveyor option in the reactors control panel.
  • If there is no power on the ship, you cannot transfer uranium into the reactor through containers or conveyors, it must be done directly. So always leave a spot open for manual input.

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Update History

Update 01.105
Update 01.095
  • Large Reactor output increased 3x (small block: 3.5 MW -> 14.75 MW, large block: 100 MW -> 300 MW)
Update 01.054
  • Fixed large reactor model being too small
  • fixed pressing "Y" shuts off all reactors regardless of ownership and sharing
Update 01.051
  • Fixed wrongly scaled model of large reactor
Update 01.021.029
  • Fixed large reactor indicators
Update 01.021
  • Added new sounds
Update 01.020
  • Power output is now visible in the reactor’s control panel