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Interior Plate Icon.png
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重量3 kg
3,000 g
3,000,000 mg
0.003 t
体积5 L
0.005 m³
3.2e-4 Large-Blocks
0.04 Small-Blocks
0.5 hL
5,000 mL
制作时间1 s
明细编辑于: 2021-02-04

Interior Plate

Ship and Station part Recipes

These are ship and station part recipes that use Interior Plates:

名称 图标
兵工厂, 有功能, 编辑于 Armory Icon.png
Armory Lockers/zh Armory Lockers Icon.png
兵工厂, 有功能, 编辑于 Armory Icon.png
Bathroom/zh Bathroom Icon.png
Bed/zh Bed Icon.png
Button Panel/zh Button Panel Icon.png
Chairless Desk/zh Chairless Desk Icon.png
Chairless Desk Corner/zh Chairless Desk Corner Icon.png
Console Block/zh Console Block Icon.png
Control Seat/zh Control Seat Icon.png
Control Station/zh Control Station Icon.png
輸送機 Conveyor Icon.png
Conveyor Frame/zh Conveyor Frame Icon.png
Conveyor Junction/zh Conveyor Junction Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter/zh Conveyor Sorter Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter Small/zh Conveyor Sorter Small Icon.png
輸送管 Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Corner Couch/zh Corner Couch Icon.png
Couch/zh Couch Icon.png
休眠仓, 有功能, 破解, 编辑于 Cryo Chamber Icon.png
輸送彎管 Curved Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Desk/zh Desk Icon.png
Desk Corner/zh Desk Corner Icon.png
Diagonal Window/zh Diagonal Window Icon.png
Dispenser/zh Dispenser Icon.png
Door/zh Door Icon.png
Fighter Cockpit/zh Fighter Cockpit Icon.png
Flight Seat/zh Flight Seat Icon.png
Freight 1/zh Freight 1 Icon.png
Freight 2/zh Freight 2 Icon.png
Freight 3/zh Freight 3 Icon.png
Grated half stairs/zh Grated half stairs Icon.png
Grated half stairs mirrored/zh Grated half stairs mirrored Icon.png
Grated stairs/zh Grated stairs Icon.png
室内支撑柱, 有功能, 编辑于 Interior Pillar Icon.png
Interior Turret/zh Interior Turret Icon.png
Interior Wall/zh Interior Wall Icon.png
Jukebox/zh Jukebox Icon.png
Kitchen/zh Kitchen Icon.png
LCD Panel/zh LCD Panel Icon.png
Lab Equipment/zh Lab Equipment Icon.png
梯子, 有功能, 编辑于 Ladder Icon.png
Large Cargo Container/zh Large Cargo Container Icon.png
Lockers/zh Lockers Icon.png
Medical Room/zh Medical Room Icon.png
Medical Station/zh Medical Station Icon.png
Medium Cargo Container/zh Medium Cargo Container Icon.png
通道, 有功能, 编辑于 Passage Icon.png
Passenger Seat/zh Passenger Seat Icon.png
Planters/zh Planters Icon.png

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Interior Plate Icon.png 内衬板 
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