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Large Ship / Station
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass512 kg
512,000 g
512,000,000 mg
0.512 t
Build time14 s
Oxygen Capacity1
Idle Power Consumption30 W
3.0e-5 MW
0.03 kW
Power Consumer GroupUtility
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost15
Requires DLCDecorative Pack
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Bed is block from Decorative Pack DLC has a functionalyty of a seat and recharges players energy when powered. In multiplayer, if in enviroment with high oxygen and warm temperature (example in airtight room with an Air Vent) it gains the functionality of prevneting you from dying when leaving multiplayer server, like Cryo Chamber.


In order for this to work, the player must enter the bed and then log out. The bed is then occupied; it only holds 1 body and other players may not use it. For the occupant to survive, the enviromrnt that bed is in needs to remain warm and oxygen rich. If the bed chamber is destroyed or becomes unpowered, or if the enviroment conditions are not met, the player will not be able to start from the bed. They will die (even while offline) and will have to respawn, which will lead to loss of inventory and (obviously) spawning from a respawn point.

When offline the player's avatar remains visible lying in bed as if the player was there, although there is a disconnected symbol above it.

Bed is cheaper than the Cryo Chamber and has 3 of its sides Airtight, drawback being having to have airtight room on your ship/base, or living on a planet with safe enviroment. PCU Cost is the same for both blocks.


  • If your ship doesnt have room for Cryo Chamber, but is airtight, you may be able to swap a block creating a wall with a bed. This will save you space and keep the airtightness.
  • When playing with other people be sure to avoid depresurizing the room with beds that other people sleep in for long periods of time, as it will kill them.


  • Players are able to use beds inside NPC bases, which have safezone.

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