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Planet Alien PAlien01.jpg


A planet with many large, rocky structures.


In comparison to Earth-like it has higher gravity (1.10g) with a larger sphere of influence and a non-breathable atmosphere, albeit with some oxygen.

Putting an air vent outside and setting Depressurize to On will draw in usable oxygen for a cockpit or oxygen tank.

Hostile Life

<Currently only the sabiroids (or space spiders)>

Ore generation

Cobalt Ore Icon.png Gold Ore Icon.png Ice Icon.png Iron Ore Icon.png Magnesium Ore Icon.png Nickel Ore Icon.png Platinum Ore Icon.png Silicon Ore Icon.png Silver Ore Icon.png Stone Icon.png Uranium Ore Icon.png
Cobalt Ore Gold Ore Ice Iron Ore Magnesium Ore Nickel Ore Platinum Ore Silicon Ore Silver Ore Stone Uranium Ore
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No

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