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Raw Material


Mass (kg):
.37 l

Ice, which can be processed in an Oxygen Generator is used to produce Oxygen and Hydrogen, which is required to sustain the player's Jetpack, ships and life support systems. Oxygen can be pumped into sealed rooms using Air Vents or into a Medical Room, via the conveyor system. Oxygen is stored in an Oxygen Tanks or Oxygen Bottles which are portable and refill the players Oxygen levels after a certain point. With Hydrogen, it is also transported via the conveyor systems to a Medical Room or to Hydrogen Thrusters.

It is has a distinctive look and comes in many forms. Snowy ice which is found on the poles or tops of mountains on Planets, regular solid ice on Planets and Moons, a water like ice (Because there is no water in Space Engineers as of yet), on Planets and Moons as well.


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