Basic Assembler

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Basic Assembler Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Basic Assembler
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass2,208 kg
2,208,000 g
2,208,000,000 mg
2.208 t
Build time40 s
Power Consumption280 kW
280,000 W
0.28 MW
Idle Power Consumption1 kW
1,000 W
1.0e-3 MW
Inventory Volume2,000 L
2 m³
200 hL
Is AirtightYes
Power Consumer GroupFactory
PCU Cost40
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Like the Assembler is function is to fabricate Basic Components and Tools, using refined ingots but with limited capacities. It can also be switched to a disassemble mode, where it will destroy components to reclaim the ingots used.

Craftable Items


MR-20 Magazine Icon.png
5.56x45mm NATO Magazine Icon.png
Rifle Ammo RapidFire Icon.PNG
Bulletproof Glass Icon.png
Canvas Icon.png
Computer Icon.png
Construction Component Icon.png
Detector Components Icon.png
Display Icon.png
Girder Icon.png
Interior Plate Icon.png
Large Steel Tube Icon.png
Medical Components Icon.png
Metal Grid Icon.png
Motor Icon.png
Power Cell Icon.png
Radio-Communication Components Icon.png
Small Steel Tube Icon.png
Solar Cell Icon.png
Steel Plate Icon.png


Hydrogen Bottle Icon.png
Oxygen Bottle Icon.png
Grinder (Tool) Icon.png
Enhanced Grinder Icon.png
Automatic Rifle Gun Icon.png
Hand Drill Icon.png
Enhanced Hand Drill Icon.png
Automatic Rifle Icon.png
Welder (Tool) Icon.png
Enhanced Welder Icon.png


See Assembler for more information.

Update History

Update 01.189
  • Creation.