Update 01.074

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19 March 2015

The primary feature of this update is the addition of oxygen to the game. In areas where there is oxygen, you can take off your helmet and survive. Your helmet can be taken off and put back on at a Medical Room. Oxygen is produced in an Oxygen Generator, which requires Ice to produce oxygen. If you take off your helmet in an area without oxygen, your character will take damage. Only areas that are completely enclosed will be able to contain oxygen. This update also includes Oxygen Tanks to contain excess oxygen over long periods of time, and Air Vents which fill the room they're in with oxygen from a connected tank, generator, or conveyor system that contains such.

While obtaining ice and generating oxygen from it is the most significant change in this update, other changes of note includes the addition of "drain all" to Sorter Blocks, which pushes and pulls all items specified by the Sorter Block through the system, and the addition of "switch" to Programmable Blocks.


  • oxygen (generation and management)
  • "drain all" option for sorter block
  • "switch" statement for programmable block


  • fixed crash when connecting laser antenna
  • fixed drills not sending ore to cargo containers
  • fixed welder (tool) welding faster than ship welder
  • fixed client cannot weld or grind
  • fixed programmable block button always in OFF state
  • fixed rotor textures

EDIT 03/20/2015:
Update 01.074.010

  • added DS zip into SE folders
  • fixed vent placement causing crash to desktop
  • fixed default values to enable oxygen for DS
  • warning is shown in oxygen blocks when oxygen is disabled in settings.
  • added documentation into tools directory
  • added missing redists
  • added interfaces for Oxygen and conveyor sorter for MOD API/ ingame