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Moon Earth MEarthLike01.jpg


The Moon is a barren, grey celestial body orbiting the Earth-like planet. It offers Platinum Ore from beneath its surface.


The lunar surface is scattered with craters, large holes, mountains and ridges. The surface is difficult to manoeuvre with wheeled vehicles, partially due to the terrain features, and partially due to its low gravity of 0.25g. There is no atmosphere present, and with it, no sky - looking straight up from the surface offers the same view of the stars as it would from an asteroid. There is no flora or fauna present, and its rocky wasteland is only occasionally broken up by patches of ice.

Ore Generation

Cobalt Ore Icon.png Gold Ore Icon.png Ice Icon.png Iron Ore Icon.png Magnesium Ore Icon.png Nickel Ore Icon.png Platinum Ore Icon.png Silicon Ore Icon.png Silver Ore Icon.png Stone Icon.png Uranium Ore Icon.png
Cobalt Ore Gold Ore Ice Iron Ore Magnesium Ore Nickel Ore Platinum Ore Silicon Ore Silver Ore Stone Uranium Ore
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

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