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Mass3 kg
3,000 g
3,000,000 mg
0.003 t
Volume20 L
0.02 m³
0.00128 Large-Blocks
0.16 Small-Blocks
2 hL
20,000 mL
Base Production Time1 s
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The Grinder is a hand-held tool used to deconstruct placed blocks. It can also be used as a melee weapon against other players in Survival Mode.


When destroying structures, the Grinder will slowly decrease the construction progress of the target block, placing all Components from the block into the player's inventory. If the player's inventory is full, the Components will instead be set adrift as objects in the world. 100% of the Components used in the construction of a block (except power cells) will be returned by the Grinder. The Grinder will never produce any power cells.

Using the Grinder consumes Suit Energy, even when it is not in contact with a part or player. The rate at which the Grinder makes progress is influenced by the "Grinding Speed" World Setting. In multiplayer, the rate of grinding progress stacks additively for each player grinding the same block. (that is, three players grinding the same block will be three times as fast as just one player)

The player always spawns with one Grinder in their inventory if enabled in World Settings, as well as a Hand Drill, Welder, and an Automatic Rifle. Additional Grinders can be constructed in an Assembler.


There are now three better, upgraded versions of each of the main four tools available for creation at the Assembler. Below is a comparison of all four grinders.



  • The hand grinder will consume energy when used, even if you aren't grinding any blocks.
  • The Grinder does not have a static 'RPM' statistic, it will need time to reach its maximum RPM of 500 at which point it works at it's fastest.

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