Mining Hauler

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Cargo Ship

Mining Hauler

[[File:CargoShip MiningHauler Full.jpg|frameless|300px]]
1579016 kg

Ship size:

Mining cargo ship with a very large moving capacity, achieved with 18 Large Cargo Containers interconnected using Conveyor Blocks

CargoShip MiningHauler Full.jpg


Anti Ship Defences

Although there are a few anti ship defences surrounding the ship, there are blind spots

Anti Personnel Defences

the ship's interior has no defences


1) Triggering the trap
2) explositon
3) Ship wreckage after warheads are triggered
CargoShip MiningHauler Trap.jpg

This ship has 1 reverse Small Thruster rigged to blow up the ship's only Large Reactor (shown in a cut-away to the left).

The blast from this trap destroys the Large Reactor, practically disabling all thrust (due to the power required to move such a heavy ship).
It also causes damage to the surrounding 6 Large Thrusters, but only seems to destroy 2 of them.
It also takes out one of the Gatling Turrets ;)



Although there are a number of defences surrounding this ship, there appear to be large blind-spots when heading directly toward the ship.
It appears that a viable safe approach will be to go to where the ship is heading, face it, and head directly toward it.

Alternatively, there is a landing pad on the ship's back (shown in the cut-away below), but it has a Missile Turret directly in front of it... so good luck with that.

However: As of v1.23 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets aren't functioning.
So at this time, approach tactics are speculative only.


As of v1.23 (list), the Gatling Turrets and Missile Turrets aren't functioning.
So at this time, attack tactics are unclear.
But one thing is clear, avoid shooting the explosives


The ship's Cockpit is directly behind the right side Spotlight, located on the ship's top.
From the ship's interior, the only way to get to the Cockpit is through a small labyrinth of Passage Blocks starting at the Steel Catwalk midst the Large Cargo Containers

CargoShip MiningHauler Floorplan.jpg
There are 3 ways into this ship (assuming you don't blast a hole into it):

direct access to ship's cockpit

Hangar Doors
On either side of the ship, toward it's back, there is a large doorway (made up of armor blocks) underneath large yellow awnings.
(shown above by the large hole through the ship, in front of the Large Reactor) Entry can easily be gained by slipping through the large gaps either side of these doors.

Landing Area Door
In front of the landing area on top of the ship is a Door that leads (via vertically placed Passage Blocks) to the upper level of the cargo area.

Direct Cockpit Access
Another way to get straight to the Cockpit is to use the Grinder on a single Steel Catwalk block behind it (shown in the image on the right)


The reverse thruster trap can be disabled by either:

There appear to be 2 ways to get to the thruster, from inside, or from outside.
This is probably best observed from the cut-away floor-plan shown in the Entry section above

Alternatively, if you're in a hurry, you can manoeuvre the ship to where you need it by only applying thrust in a forward direction.
This will mean that you need to point the ship away from your destination before you switch on the dampeners.


Cargo Containers:
Each of the 18 large cargo containers can easily be raided.

There is 1 Large Reactor accessible from the interior containing 2kg of Uranium Ingot.
There is also a Small_Reactor on the ship's top left, but it contains no Uranium Ingot, and is only accessible by removing at least one surrounding block.

Ship Composition:

Thrusters / Gyros: