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Grinder (Ship) Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Large Ship Icon.png



Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,2
Mass761.4 kg
761,400 g
761,400,000 mg
0.761 t
Build time24 s
Inventory Volume31,250 L
31.25 m³
3,125 hL
Effective Radius1.4 m
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost100
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Grinder (Ship) Icon.png
Small Ship
Small Ship Icon.png



Dimensions (W,H,L)3,3,6
Mass488.4 kg
488,400 g
488,400,000 mg
0.488 t
Build time18 s
Inventory Volume6,750 L
6.75 m³
675 hL
Effective Radius1.3 m
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost100
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The block version of the grinder functions exactly the same as the grinder tool. It disassembles blocks it comes in contact with when turned on. However, it is on a larger scale and can be placed on both large & small ships. Components are recycled and placed inside the grinder or a connected inventory.


The grinder is used to disassemble blocks, and retrieve the Components inside it. Its function is exactly the same as the grinder tool. It disassembles blocks at roughly the same speed as the hand grinder, it affects a 2-3 (large) block radius, making it faster overall.

It should be noted however that the more blocks that are inside the radius of the grinder, the slower it will disassemble them. The grind speed is split evenly among all the blocks in its radius.

As the grinder disassembles blocks, the components are retrieved and stored in either its internal inventory, or inside cargo containers such as Small Cargo Container or Large Cargo Container for example. Once inventory space has been exceeded, excess components will no longer be gathered by the grinder. Instead, the components will drop in the place where the block originally was.

Caution should be used when operating the grinder. Any players in its radius will take damage and eventually die if they remain.


Grinder Grinderlarge01.jpg
Grinder Grindersmall01.jpg


  • When the grinder ships inventory is full, the dropped components will stay in place where the block was if there is no gravity.

Known Issues

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Update History

Update 01.028
  • Large ship Grinder introduced.
Update 01.031
  • Small ship Grinder introduced.