Update 01.092

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23 July 2015


This week we are introducing the first four tutorial scenarios. These scenarios are designed to slowly introduce new players to the basics of the game. The first tutorial is about movement & tools, the second is about building your first ship, the third scenario revolves around ore refining & component assembly and the last one is focused on conveyors, connectors, ejectors and collectors. Although the tutorial scenarios are basically designed for novice players, they are quite fun to play even for the more experienced ones. Moreover, we have added the option to make voxels indestructible. This option can be found in world settings and when it is checked, it will disable everything that has any effect on voxels (drills, weapons, ship crashing, etc.). If the option is unchecked and the player edits the voxels, it should be possible to apply the option again, and all edited voxels will be indestructible as before. Lastly, ventilation blocks can now trigger other blocks based on room pressurization, this will make automated air locks easier to build.


  • tutorial scenarios
  • indestructible voxels option
  • air vent can trigger other blocks


  • fixed HUD never updating its status
  • fixed issue with voxel hand breaking the toolbar
  • fixed interaction after death
  • fixed issue when making screenshots using multiplier in DX9
  • fixed button panel not showing description
  • fixed warp drive can end in generated asteroid
  • fixed reorder clusters removes entity if it instantaneously moves more than a cluster size
  • fixed made scenario settings hint visible in scenario edit mode

Update 01.092.008 (07/23/2015)

  • added nullchecks in get server
  • fixed crash when attaching landing gears
  • fixed crash with scrap metal
  • fixed crash in component serialization from scripts