Update 01.047

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The remote ship control system has been implemented. Players are now able to build drone ships and control them without being inside the ship’s cockpit - keep in mind that remote control is still dependent on the friendly antennas’ signal. Moreover, the timer block has been added, which allows players to trigger a queued action after a set period of time. Additionally, gravity and sensor field view are also available and sensors can detect stations/platforms.



  • fixed cost of small ship piston head (it cost the same as a large ship piston head)
  • fixed issue when placing a landing gear or station block was placed as fully built
  • fixed dedicated servers downloading blank/empty .sbms
  • fixed unmerging/merging breaks control groups
  • fixed several MODs which were crashing dedicated server
  • fixed connectors being destroyed because they were too close while connected
  • fixed piston disappearing after grinding down the top part

8 fixed sensor detecting players while being set to detect floating objects

Known issues

  • Sensor block is detecting small ships, but the action is not triggered

Hotfix 01.047.016


  • fixed crash while pressing F6 in remote control
  • fixed issue with direct access to inventory panel while in remote control
  • fixed issue with T button was active while chatting in camera view
  • fixed exiting camera view kicks player out of cockpit
  • fixed control problem with RC block on same ship
  • fixed issue where you could take control through toolbar, even though the button was disabled
  • fixed issue always in 3rd person view after starting a new game
  • fixed crash related to custom voxel material
  • fixed remote control camera glitch
  • fixed timer block delay resetting on log in
  • fixed rotation while copy+paste a ship
  • fixed issue with refineries still working when power is cut off