Update 01.018.021

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  • create custom colors for blocks (default by P key, SHIFT+P is color picker)
  • configurable range of gravity generator
  • multiplayer synchronization of ship systems * Lights, spotlight, motors, landing gears and the other functional blocks that can be used on ships are now synchronized
  • rename most of the objects that are available on the Control Panel (gyroscope, refinery, etc.)
  • added a construction deck (magnetic deck) on the platform when starting a new game (world)
  • added a second (back) entrance to small ship cockpit
  • renamed thrusts to thrusters
  • renamed reflector light to spotlight
  • added passage block (replaces the ladder block)


  • minor performance optimizations
  • fixed slowdown on some systems caused by timer frequency
  • fixed explosion lags
  • fixed explosion particle effect
  • fixed projectile damage dealt to heavy armor (now it's more durable)
  • fixed physical shape of drill
  • fixed missiles ghosting through ship which launched it
  • fixed mirroring of some blocks
  • reduced memory usage when building blocks