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Small Ship
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass204.8 kg
204,800 g
204,800,000 mg
0.205 t
Build time10 s
Max Required Input10 W
1.0e-5 MW
0.01 kW
Inventory Volume64 L
0.064 m³
6.4 hL
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost125
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The ejector is used to dump small items to space. It only connects to small conveyor systems and, for this reason, cannot be used to get rid of larger Components. Due to the small size of ores, it can be put to good use by mining ships to transfer ores to a Collector or simply eject unwanted Stone into space. It is not suitable for salvage ships however, as they will frequently grind larger components.


The ejector is a cheap and space-saving alternative to the Connector. It only uses a one block space. However, its only function it has is to take items from the grids inventory and eject them into space. It does this at a slow rate, and can only pull items capable of fitting through small conveyors. It shoots the items out at a rate of 1 m per second. The ejector can only pull a limited amount of items compared to its counterpart Connector. It is ideal to use on a small grid miner to eject unwanted stone by adding a Conveyor Sorter Small before it and which only pushes through stone via a user-set filter and then is ejected from the vessel.

Item Ejection

While capable of transferring items, it may also eject items as well. This does not require another connector, and it may do it at any time. As the items eject, it also applies a small amount force of 1 m/s that pushes the items away from it.

  1. To do this, the player must first set Collect All to Yes. This tells the ejector you wish to pull items from other inventories to its own.
  2. After the ejector is set to collect items, under throw out, set to on
The Ejector may throw out up to 500 L or its own inventory volume (64 L
0.064 m³
6.4 hL
) of material per tick, whichever is smaller. The Ejector ticks once every 80 frames (≈1.33 seconds), giving a maximum rate of 48 L/s or 375 L/s on the default "Realistic" block inventory size. Ejection may only occur with fewer than 2 floating items nearby.


Ejector Ejector01.jpg


  • This is a decent alternative to use early on in the game if you are short on materials and space. The connector is still recommended later, unless you are building a relatively small miner.
  • Add multiple ejectors to a single Conveyor Sorter Small through a conveyor junction in order to increase the ejection speed. The Ejector can hence keep its use also endgame on small grid miners with multiple drills.

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