Update 01.046

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The sensor block has been added; you can configure what happens when something enters or leaves from the sensor’s field - the configuration is similar to the button panel. It's also possible to set a filter, so it will trigger events only for small ships, large ships, floating objects or characters. In the future we will add an option to allow filtering based on friend/foe status. Also, flashing options have been added for lights; you can create navigation lights and runways - multiple lights can be synced. Warhead has now timer and also can be detonated remotely through the terminal.



  • added multiplayer lag/slowdown compensation (helps with rubber banding)
  • added possibility for name change during dedicated server setup
  • fixed issue when character moved objects locally by pushing (server ignored it)
  • fixed connector still yellow when turned OFF
  • fixed turret rectangle visibility
  • fixed unlocked connectors allowing item transfer
  • fixed rocket launcher not remembering option to use conveyor system
  • fixed crash when locking connectors
  • fixed completed solar panels do not have sun reflection
  • fixed gravity generator model bug
  • fixed landing gear attached to pistons could not be unlocked

Known Issues

  • changing the field of the sensor or loading the game will activate the sensor. This will be changed in the future updates.
  • you can't assign the same sensor action for both entering and exiting the sensor's field

Hotfix 01.046.014


  • fixed spotlight cone visible during flashing
  • fixed flashing control tooltip text
  • fixed faction screen crash
  • added different icons for action toggle/on/off
  • fixed character crash
  • fixed sensor toolbar sync
  • fixed sensor station detection
  • fixed terminal crash