Power Efficiency Module

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Large Ship / Station
Power Efficiency Module
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,2
Mass2,996 kg
2,996,000 g
2,996,000,000 mg
2.996 t
Build time
Modifier value122.284 %
Modifier operationMultiplicative
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost1
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The Power Efficiency Module is a 2×1×1 block that can be placed on an Assembler or a Refinery to decrease power consumption.


This module, just like the Yield Module and the Speed Module, has 2 attachment points that look like small squares on the flat side of the block. These attachment points can be placed against the attachment points found on the backs of refineries or all sides of assemblers to increase the Power Efficiency of the refinery or assembler by +50% per attachment point. As both kinds of production blocks have 8 total attachment points, the maximum Power Efficiency for those blocks is 500% (100% for a refinery or assembler without any modules), which brings down power consumption to only 20% its original value.

These modules only affect the active power consumption (while the production block is working); it does not affect the minimum power consumption of the machine when idle.


Total Power Efficiency = 1.2228445 ^ Attachment points connected to upgrade module, each module provides 2.
No. of Modules Total Power Efficiency Remaining Power Consumption Power Consumption Difference to 1 less Module Max Power Consumption For an Assembler [kW]
0 100% 100% - 560.00
1 150% 66.67% -33% 374.49
2 224% 44.93% -21.82% 250.44
3 334% 29.94% -14.9% 167.48
4 500% 20% -9.94% 112.00


Power Efficiency Upgrade Module PEUM01.jpg


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