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Large Ship / Station
Yield Module
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,2
Mass2,856 kg
2,856,000 g
2,856,000,000 mg
2.856 t
Build time
Modifier value109.051 %
Modifier operationMultiplicative
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost1
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The Yield Module (formerly known as Effectiveness Upgrade Module) is a 2x1x1 block. It increases the amount of refined ingots per ore, and can only be used on a Refinery. Unlike the speed module, the Yield Module requires no additional power.


The Yield Module can only function when placed on one of a Refinery's attachment points. It helps create more ingots per ore put in. With a maximum of four Yield Modules (8 attachment points) on one Refinery it will give an extra 100% Yield for a total 200%


Total Yield = 1.0905077 ^ Attachment points connected to upgrade module, each module provides 2.
Where 1.0905077 ≈ 2^(1/8), so 4 yield modules with all 8 points attached will give 2x yield.
No. of Modules No. of active Attachment Points Total Yield Max Power Consumption for a Refinery
0 0 100% 560.00 kW
1 1 109% 560.00 kW
1 2 119% 560.00 kW
2 3 130% 560.00 kW
2 4 141% 560.00 kW
3 5 154% 560.00 kW
3 6 168% 560.00 kW
4 7 183% 560.00 kW
4 8 200% 560.00 kW


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  • The fact that each attachment point is calculated separately means that you can span these across two machines or hang them off in the air utilizing only one attachment point per module/machine.

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