Hydrogen Bottle

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Hydrogen Bottle
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Mass30 kg
30,000 g
30,000,000 mg
0.03 t
Volume120 L
0.12 m³
0.00768 Large-Blocks
0.96 Small-Blocks
12 hL
120,000 mL
Base Production Time10 s
Gas Capacity1,000 L
100 hL
1 m³
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The Hydrogen bottle is an item used for storing and transporting hydrogen. It was added to the game in Update 01.105, along with other hydrogen related objects.

This item is primarily used for supplying the player with hydrogen, which is, as of Update 01.105, needed for the jetpack to work. It should also be noted that more hydrogen is consumed by the jetpack in higher-gravity environments.

The bottle can be refilled in an Oxygen Generator, just like an Oxygen Bottle.

For figures about player's hydrogen consumption, see Hydrogen.

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Hydrogen Bottle Icon.png Hydrogen Bottle