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Large Ship / Station
Flight Seat
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass320 kg
320,000 g
320,000,000 mg
0.32 t
Build time30 s
Inventory Volume1,000 L
1 m³
100 hL
Is AirtightNo
PCU Cost50
BrowseLast edit: 2020-10-27


The Flight Seat is a block that allows the player to control a large ship or station. It allows the user to manually control movement, rotation, tools, and weapons. While having many of the same functions as the Cockpit and Control Station, the Flight seat allows a full unobstructed view of its surroundings in 1st person mode. This allows the player to see the immediate surroundings, even more so than the cockpit.


Flight Seats only take 1 block space, and may only be placed on large ships and stations. While the player may place as many as they like, only one is needed.


  • Control Wheels - Does this flight seat have the authority to control wheels
  • Control Thrusters - Does this flight seat have the authority to control thrusters
  • Hand Brake - Is the Hand Brake ("Parking Brake") on or off
  • Dampeners Override - Are the Inertial Dampeners on or off

Control Wheels

Every cockpit can be set to control wheels placed on the grid. When a cockpit is set to control wheels, it will instead attempt to move & turn in the directions using the wheels to propel it forward or backwards. Keep in the mind, currently the only way to halt the vehicle to a complete stop is by using the hand break feature in the control panel.

Control Thrusters

You can select if a particular Flight Seat has access to the Thruster system. Useful in a multi-player ship.

Hand Brake

This is a toggle of an invisible item. If this is checked, the Hand Brake is engaged and the wheels will not turn. If this is unchecked then wheel movement is allowed. Note that it may be difficult to get the wheeled vehicle to come to a full stop without using this item. The Hand Brake is built into the Wheel & Suspension system.

Dampeners Override

This is a toggle of the Inertial Dampener system.

Main cockpit

As of Update 01.078 the player can set one of the various cockpits on the ship/station grid to act as the primary. The main cockpit restricts all access to the ships movement, dampener, power, and other system control from the others and makes the selected cockpit the only one able to use these functions. This may be used as a security feature to prevent another player to building one and stealing the ship, or as a safeguard against accidental movement or use of the other functions. If the selected cockpit is destroyed, access is restored to other cockpits on the grid.




  • If you're using wheels, you can place the hand break function on the toolbar for easy-access!

Known Issues

If placing a Flight Seat right below a window block within an airtight room, a seated player will begin to suffocate despite it being in an airtight area.

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Update History

Update 01.024
  • Flight seat (cockpit3) introduced