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Large Ship / Station
Sliding Door
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass1,065.4 kg
1,065,400 g
1,065,400,000 mg
1.065 t
Build time20 s
Opening Speed1.4 m/s
Moving Power Consumption1,000 W
1.0e-3 MW
1 kW
Idle Power Consumption10 W
1.0e-5 MW
0.01 kW
Power Consumer GroupDoors
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost115
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The purpose of the Sliding Door block is for access control. Like any typical door, it lets players walk/fly through it while being able to close/open itself. However, the Sliding Door opens entirely, allowing the player to enter through the door at any angle. Since the release of Update 01.037.012, Factions now determine whether or not other players (other than the owner) has access to the door block.


The door is a very simple block, and simple to operate. To open a door, it first must be powered. Then, the player may simply point their cursor (mouse pointer) at the Control Panel while close to the door, and press the action button (see Controls). Similarly, the player may also open and close the door via the control panel menu.


If another player attempts to access the door and doesn't have ownership and/or in the same faction, the door will not allow access and deny the player.


Any player (enemy or otherwise) can attempt to hack the door in order to gain access or to simply change it's ownership to them. The player can simply grind the door till all computer components have been grinded, and then welded back together by the same player.




  • Grinding the door takes 3x longer if you do not own it.
  • Standing in the door you want to close and pressing use key, default "F", will close or open that door even if you don't look at the console or door block.

Known Issues

  • Even if you are in a pressurized environment, standing in the doorway of the door separating you from a depressurized environment, will suffocate you.

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