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User created modifications will be collected and organized here. All of this information has been taken from the forums.[1] Please use these mods at your own risk.

Mods on Space Engineers Wiki

Name Description Mod Type Mod Version Game Version
Dark Mechanicus Technology from the deepest depths of the warp. Block 01.039.011
DeadTech Industries Mod Developer for functional and Aesthetic purposes. Modpack Mod Dependant 01.044.011
Gopher's SE Mods List of all my SE mods Block, NPC, Character, Animation, Script 5262020 1.194
Physics Meteoroid Plugin Replaces meteors with dropped ore, relies on the havok physics engine to calculate the damage. SEServerExtender Plugin 01.040.009
SE motd Adds message of the day functionality to servers extended by SEServerExtender SEServerExtender Plugin 01.040.009
Shaostoul Corporation Block 017 01.039
Vanilla The standard version of Space Engineers. Other 1.196.019 1.196.019
Vanilla The standard version of Space Engineers. Other 1.202.124 1.202.124

Mods on Space Engineers Forum