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Physics Meteoroid Plugin
Mod Type:
SEServerExtender Plugin
Mod Version:
SE Version:
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Version - Beta

  • Disables meteors from spawning when no player is on the server
  • Can enable/disable meteor showers while running
  • Options in SEServerExtender including maximum meteor size and multipliers for velocity and max velocity.
  • Default Configuration can be changed by editing PhysicsMeteroid-Settings.xml in the mod folder.
  • Per Sector configuration saved in your worlds save folder.
  • Custom meteor events, no longer deletes KSH meteors unless no players are on the server. Disable environmental hazards to prevent KSH meteors from spawning
  • Meteoroid swarms only target online players
  • Meteoroid swarms will compensate for the target's velocity

Turrets will no longer fire on 'meteors'. But will fire on moving objects.
These meteors do count against the floating object limit of the server, people mining may end up deleting the meteor swarm
Having automatic cleanup enabled may delete the meteors before they can impact targets.

Download and installation instructions

  • Download:
  • Extract in your mods directory: Default location is %appdata%\Roaming\SpaceEngineersDedicated\Mods\ make sure it resides in its own folder in the mods directory to work properly.
  • You can edit the included PhysicsMeteroid-Settings.xml to change the plugin's properties prior to launch.
  • Requires SEServerExtender to run.

Chat Commands

The following chat commands are available to administrators:

  • /pm-enable - enables custom meteor showers
  • /pm-disable - disables custom meteor showers
  • /set pm-interval seconds - sets the base interval in seconds, replace seconds with the actual number of seconds
  • /set pm-randominterval seconds - sets the random factor in seconds, meteor showers can take place any time within randominterval of interval.
  • /set pm-ore amount - sets the largest size of meteoroid, beware very large values can cause undocumented effects!
  • /pm-save saves configuration to configuration.xml
  • /pm-load loads configuration from configuration.xml
  • /pm-loaddefault loads configuration from the mod's folder.
  • /pm-spawnwave instantly spawns a wave of meteors