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The Fleets of Khaordum
Conrad Larson
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Fleet Insignias.png

Quia gloria et honore (For glory and honour)


The Fleets of Khaordum, also called the Khaordum Naval Service, or simply the Naval Service, is a faction based off of the Royal Navy. The faction draws its lore from the fictional universe of Khaordum, created in its entirety by founder Conrad Larson.

The Fleets of Khaordum are comprised of six Fleets, each paying homage to one of the Gods of the Elsward pantheon. Each Fleet serves different purposes both in war and in peacetime, and as such have different basic design philosophies.

The Fleets of Khaordum


New personnel enlist as ratings. The application process is overseen by the Chief of Naval Staff himself, or by recruitment officers. Once ratings have passed out into the fleet, they are free to move between any of the six fleets and six fleet auxiliaries at any time, except in war and on deployments where they are required to serve a particular fleet.

Promotion through the ranks is decided by the Admiralty Board, and any non-commissioned officer can be selected for commission at the whim of the Admiralty Board.

Rank Structure

  • Shipman Apprentice
  • Shipman
  • Chief Shipman
  • Master Chief Shipman
  • Warrant Officer
  • Sub Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Commander
Lt Cmdr
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral
  • Admiral of the Fleet
Flt Adm

The Fleets

The Fleets is the main branch of the Naval Service, comprising the six fleets and their fleet auxiliaries.

Aurelia Fleet

Aurelia Flag.png

Flag of the Aurelia Fleet

The Aurelia Expeditionary Fleet specialises in long-distance deployments far from the established territories of Khaordum. The ships of the fleet typically have fairly light armour and armaments, and have large engine nacelles that seem to pull the starships through space.

Fyrus Fleet

Fyrus Flag.png

Flag of the Fyrus Fleet

The Fyrus Warfare Superiority Fleet is the Naval Service's primary fighting fleet. With large heavily weaponised ships, the fleet moves in large formations to deliver massive amounts of firepower.

Aerin Fleet

Aerin Flag.png

Flag of the Aerin Fleet

The Aerin Naval Carrier Fleet is the primary fleet that the Fleet Space Force operates alongside. Nearly all larger ships have massive hangar capacities, with the some supercarriers being able to hold smaller starships in their hangars.

Tyrrhius Fleet

Tyrrhius Flag.png

Flag of the Tyrrhius Fleet

The Tyrrhius Interception Fleet consists of fast, stealthy ships, often with gravity cannons and inertia-based warheads to deliver fast damaging strikes against slow-moving fleets and enemy installations.

Tidus Fleet

Tidus Flag.png

Flag of the Tidus Fleet

The Tidus Terrestrial Invasion Fleet is built around terrestrial landing ships (Ships able to land on large planetoids and even some planets) and is the primary deployment fleet for the Space Marines. The fleet also features a number of ships designed to board enemy ships and installations.

Alterra Fleet

Alterra Flag.png

Flag of the Alterra Fleet.

The Alterra Naval Defence Fleet specialises in defending Khaordum and her assorted colonies, stations and outposts. The Alterra Fleet utilises ships with distinct heavily armoured topsides and bows and less armoured bellies. Alterran ships of Cruiser designations and above have large gun batteries on the top deck, with large arcs of fire. These ships engage at long range, keeping the armoured topside towards the enemy, and rely on fighters, Corvettes, Frigates, and Destroyers to defend the larger ships.

Alterra Fleet Auxiliary

The Alterra Fleet Auxiliary is a logistics and support fleet that operates in a more civilian fashion, and supplies the Fleet with ammunition, fuel, and other supplies through replenishment in space (RIS).

Alterra Fleet Ship Naming Conventions

All ships of the Alterra Fleet are prefixed with Alterra Fleet Ship (AFS) and each is assigned a pennant number that indicates the role of the ship. E.g. AFS Fulvus (D01) is a Destroyer, whilst AFS Behemoth (I01) is a Dreadnought.

Fleet Space Force

The Fleet Space Force is a specialised branch of the Naval Service that primarily operates in space. That is, outside of a large starship but in smaller spacecraft. The Fleet Space Force maintains a separate rank structure that has evolved from the air force rank structures of Khaordum. All ratings and officers are allowed to be part of the Fleet Fighter Arm whilst still serving the fleets. Due to the differing natures of serving aboard starships and crewing spacecraft, promotion through the ranks of the Fleet Space Force is completely separate to the Fleets. This means that people with low ranks in the Fleets can outrank a superior officer in the Fleet Space Force.

Rank Structure

  • Spacecraftman/woman
  • Corporal Spacecrew
  • Sergeant Spacecrew
  • Flight Sergeant Spacecrew
  • Master Spacecrew
  • Flying Officer
Fg Off
  • Flight Lieutenant
Flt Lt
  • Squadron Leader
Sqn Ldr
  • Wing Commander
Wg Cmdr
  • Group Captain
Gp Capt
  • Vice Marshal
  • Marshal

To avoid conflicts where two people outrank each other in the different branches, the rank achieved in the Fleets takes priority. The rank achieved in the Fleet Space Force is only used when deployed in the Fleet Space Force. For example, if a Shipman had achieved the rank of Flight Lieutenant and was deployed with the Fleet Space Force, he wouldn't outrank an Admiral who was only a Master Spacecrew, unless the Admiral was also currently deployed with Fleet Space Force.

Space Marines

The Space Marines is the most physically challenging branch of the Naval Service. Space Marines are required to maintain peak physical condition, and are subject to numerous exercises in zero-g, high-g, and no atmosphere conditions. The most famous exercise that trainee Space Marines undergo is 319 Vacuum Survival Course, a three week course on how to maximise your chances of survival when subjected to a vacuum without a sealed suit, culminating in a live drill in which the recruits are sent out from one of Spartan Training Station's airlocks and have to navigate to and enter through another airlock, all while wearing nothing but their deck uniform (Uniform worn under suits, no helmet).

The Space Marines are separate to the other branches. One must enlist with the Space Marines from the outset or undertake the All Arms Commando Course, which is the same as the Space Marine recruitment course aboard Spartan, but without the initial training that a man of the Fleets would already have.

The rank structure in the Space Marines is again separate to the other branches, but should one be part of both, it is their highest rank achieved in either the Fleets of the Space Marines that takes priority.

Rank Structure

  • Marine
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Master Sergeant
Mstr Sgt
  • Warrant Officer
Marine Officers
  • Officer
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Colonel
Lt Col
  • Colonel
  • Major
  • Major General
Mjr Gen
  • General
  • General-in-Chief
Chief Gen

Enlisting in the Fleets or Space Marines

A personal message from the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral of the Fleet Conrad Larson:

The Naval Service is opening recruitment. Please send me a letter of application at the location indicated below. In your letter please explain why you wish to join the Naval Service, and include anything else you think relevant. Should your application be successful I will then correspond with you to organise the start of your recruit training course.

Good luck one and all, Godspeed.

Quia gloria et honore. Fleet Adm Conrad Larson

Got to the mainpage as shown in the table at the top and repeated here and navigate to the 'enlist' page. Fill in the form as per the application format and send it off. Good luck.

Service Roster


Flying Officer
  • Vice Admiral William 'Firedog' Cody (SteamID: FireDog)
  • Sub Lieutenant Liam Bushell (SteamID: Qestroy)
  • Master Chief Shipman Fleka Diamonds (SteamID: gFleka)
  • Master Chief Shipman Joel Xocliw (SteamID: Xocliw)
  • Master Chief Shipman Nick Van Riper (SteamID: Nickvr68)
  • Shipman Apprentice Carvine (SteamID: carvine1)
  • Shipman Apprentice Lewis 'Luther' Watts (SteamID: Luther)
  • Shipman Apprentice Nick Blue (SteamID: Siesatia)
  • Shipman Apprentice 'Skagkiller' (SteamID: Skagkiller)
  • Shipman Apprentice 'WhiteTree' (SteamID: WhiteTree)


  • Marine Fletcher Jackson (SteamID: Ilsarian)
  • Marine John 'MacAttack' Walsh (SteamID: N/A)
  • Marine 'Kianon' (SteamID: Kianon)

Inflamati et Obliterati


The Khaordum Naval Service seeks to wage war only when presented with no other options. Therefore alliances are struck up with other factions wherever possible. Here will be listed the allies of the Khaordum Naval Service, with appropriate links.