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United Earth Space Corps
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The UESC is one of the Space Engineers community's largest and most organized factions currently active.

The UESC was founded on January 28, 2014 by Freeadama. This makes the UESC one of the oldest active Space Engineers communities at over three years old! The UESC has grown alongside the Space Engineers community and is officially recognized and partnered with Keen Software House through the UESC's public Monthly Construction Contests. The UESC has its own private forum, Discord server, and is a proud participant in the Magellan Server! The UESC is a semi-roleplay group, therefore it contains aspects that appeal to both roleplayers and non-roleplayers.

At present the UESC operates on a dedicated server known as the Magellan Server that features hardware and coding modifications that allow the server to run at a 1.0 sim speed with up to 20 active players!

The goal of the UESC is to participate in a large-scale Multi-Faction Roleplay Server (or MFRPS for short) which would host a number of other organized factions where everyone would be able to engage in diplomacy, trade and of course, war. As the Magellan Server grows it is the hope of the UESC that this server will allow us to make this dream come true. Additionally the UESC holds public Construction Contests that are officially sponsored by Keen Software House and that provide game keys to winning entries! Aside from these public contests the UESC also holds Inter-UESC monthly contests with forum badges and glory as the prizes. These Inter-UESC contests cover a wide variety of topics including construction and war-games, and are not limited in scope to only Space Engineers! Members of the UESC can also seek glory within the faction by applying for their designs to be accepted into the UESC Official Lineup, which highlights the best ship designs from our community!

All in all the UESC is a faction with a growing and active player base that is welcoming of both Space Engineers veterans and beginners!

Additionally if you are the leader of the faction that wishes to establish diplomatic ties with the UESC you can apply for an Embassy in the UESC Forum to communicate with the UESC Council directly! Apply for an Embassy here: Click Here

Discord Voice Comms

We maintain a Discord server for our members to use. Details about the server available upon acceptance into the faction!


The UESC is currently recruiting! Click Here to fill out our membership application form.

Special inquiries can be directed to Sorein at SoreinSkyflier@gmail.com.

Monthly Contests

Anyone is welcome to submit their own original work to the contest. Three anonymous judges (shuffled between contests) will rate each entry, and video game prizes from the Humble Bundle will be awarded to the top designers.

1. Frigates

Winners: 1st-Yanoda / Velox V-Frigate V.1.1. 2nd-STARFIGHTER / Police Interdictor. 3rd-Strel0k||At0m / SLAT Frigate

2. Flagships

Winners: 1st-Comrade Tikki / UESC Alex J. Murphy. 2nd-Yanoda / Praenuntius C-Flagship. 3rd-Abatos / Mother Triari.

3. Fighters

Winners: 1st-Mr B. / Sentry Class Light Fighter. 2nd- Mechadraco / Magna Praeliator Class Fighter. 3rd-Abyzmi / Vertis Class Star Fighter.

4. Fleet Carriers

Winners: 1st-[UESC]SnowcrashΞFILTHΞ / Chronos. 2nd-Too Tall / The War Master. 3rd-Applesauce/ Retribution-Class Heavy Command Carrier.

5. Military Outposts

Winners: 1st-The Jack // Carolina Outpost Sigma-73. 2nd-Abatos // Grumpy Gecko. 3rd-Rush Knight // Watchtower Outpost. 4th-TheLightLOD // Tetris.

6. Exploration Vessels Full Scores

Winners: 1st-[UESC]SnowCrash=FILTH= / :Andraste:. 2nd-Rush Knight / Victoria-Class Explorer. 3rd-[UESC]Namdoolb=FILTH= / CSV Condor. 4th-OncaLupe / Big Cat IV.

7. Trade Hub

This contest was cancelled because too many contestants dropped out of the competition.

8. Boarding Ship Full Scores

Winners: 1st-Tripping Pug / Fyre. 2nd-The~Jack / Sabre Dropship. 3rd-pilzkowksy / Herakles.

9. Drone Carrier

Winners: 1st-[UESC]Coxzee=FILTH= / HMS-Oracular. 2nd-EtanchMouMout / MOD.s.

10. Dual Cockpit Fighter Full Scores

Winners: 1st-[UESC]Coxzee=FILTH= / HyperTech-SF-DCV1. 2nd-[UESC]Chucky Dickens=FILTH= / UESC Broadhead. 3rd-[UESC]Snowcrash=FILTH= /:Vulcan: MarkII

11. Civilian ShuttleFull Scores

Winners: 1st-Too Tall / Xander Built 8560 Outliner. 2nd-Bored Arsonist / LTS Cramat. 3rd-Abatos / Lunarra

12. Medium Industrial Freighter (Original Thread)(Continuation Thread)Full Scores (35 entries!)

Winners: 1st-w0lf3y / Lady Luck. 2nd-BoredArsonist / MCT Tanto. 3rd-Namdoolb / CSV Mercury.

13. Medium Colonization ShipFull Scores'

Winner Medals

14. Pirate Frigate

Winner Medals

15. Drone Carriers

16. Civilian Station

Winner Page Scores and Comments

17. Military Destroyer

Scores and Comments

18. Small Ships Gone Large: Armed Corvettes

Scores and Comments

19. LAV & APC (Ground Vehicles)

Scores and Comments KSH Winner Facebook Post

20. Merchant/Trade Ships

21. Military Dropship/Gunship [Planets]

This contest ends on December 24 23:59 UTC.

22. Defense Stations

23. Orbital Cargo Ship [Planets]

24. Smugglers' Blockade Runner

This contest ends on March 30, 23:59 (UTC)



Supreme Chancellor: Sorein

Chancellor of the Council: Abatos

Council Member: BoredArsonist

Council Member (Public Contest Division): Kilroy

Council Member (Public Contest Division): W0lf3y

Retired Supreme Chancellors: Freeadama89, Cramat, Snapplepeach, and Zelyth


Official Website

UESC Official Forum (Please note that most of our faction communication happens on our forums and Discord Channel, not our Steam Group. Note that all of the discussions on the forums are only visible to accepted members, so if it looks like our forums are quiet on the outside, that's why.)

Direct Link to Application

UESC Steam Page (outdated: archive only)