Update 01.078

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16 April 2015

Players now have the option to choose the Main Cockpit. This cockpit will be used for controlling their ship or station. The other cockpits will only be used for controlling turrets and other blocks, but not for controlling the ship itself. We also added hints for the Button Panels – this will make the use of the button panels more convenient by showing hints before clicking on each button. Lastly, there is a “Report a Bug” button available on the Main Menu – this is an easier way for the players to report the bugs that they find in the game.


  • Main Cockpit option
  • Button Panel hints
  • “Report a Bug” button on Main Menu
  • Checkbox for disabling 3rd person camera in the world


  • fixed exploding [[thrusters] on small ships
  • fixed blueprints set to incorrect ownership
  • fixed crash in Havok step Delta time
  • fixed issues with button panels not being able to be connected to the side
  • fixed mwm builder crash when source-path does not contain a directory 'Content'
  • fixed bones messed up when changing suits in [Medical Room|medical room]]
  • fixed issue with player not being to interact with inventory
  • fixed camera cannot be placed on light armor slope 2x1x1 base
  • fixed oxygen gain when using two air vents

Update 01.078.009 (04/17/2015)

  • fixed red lines after load in Mission01
  • fixed components do not disappearing from inventory when welding new block
  • fixed button panel info not moving
  • fixed button panel not showing buttons in survival
  • fixed ALT in cockpit + load of world in 3rd person
  • fixed sound crash with medical room