Update 01.056

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This is the third batch of bugfixes. We have also changed the height of piston blocks from 2-blocks to 3-blocks. This way, pistons should have more stable performance. Another (less important) change that we made is the reduction of the missile range from 1000 meters to 800 meters.


  • changed the piston’s height from 2-blocks to 3-blocks. Pistons should be more stable now (your current creations will not be affected by this change)
  • added modding support for weapon turrets


  • default missile range has changed from 1000m to 800m
  • fixed piston performance issues
  • improved ship collision performance
  • fixed rotor performance issues
  • fixed player not being able to remotely control ship when locked via LG
  • fixed stacked piston group toolbar issues
  • fixed spotlight's light bit ahead of themselves and shine in only one direction
  • fixed player not being able to exit remote control when second player enters the cockpit
  • fixed placing block with tool in hand
  • fixed wrong offset for flight seat camera
  • fixed cannot control the ship after using and disabling thruster override
  • fixed pistons shape is causing small ship rotation
  • fixed unable to place sloped light armor blocks (texture crash)
  • fixed ProjectileTrailColor tag preventing weapon mods from loading
  • fixed crash when spawning in modded re-spawn ship
  • fixed large bomb effect when detonating small and large warheads together
  • fixed beacon HUD being visible without power
  • fixed issues with pasting blueprints into the world
  • fixed crash when exiting from game to menu
  • fixed minor model viewer issues
  • fixed broadcasting always switching ON after loading a world
  • fixed jetpack flames getting into view in 3rd person
  • fixed missile launcher not shooting at each crank & missile turret shoots only from center
  • new programmers added to credits screen

Undocumented Changes

  • Thrusters attached to a ship now have a prefix indicating direction, e.g. [Forward], etc.
  • Rotors now have an attach/detach option to separate the rotor from the base

Hotfix 01.056.013



  • fixed huge slowdowns and DS/MP issues
  • fixed crash when turrets on small ship were in the game
  • fixed crash when merging two ships together
  • fixed G-menu search terms not updating