Update 01.038

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Steering wheels and wheel controls have been added in Space Engineers. Players can now build and control vehicles. Every block that is visible in terminal can be now displayed on HUD (set on/off on terminal screen). Also some issues with Factions have been resolved (see the list below for more details).

Note: wheels in multi-player are still work-in-progress and some things might not be functioning properly


  • steering wheels (sounds are placeholders – wheels in multi-player are still WIP)
  • wheel controls (WSAD)
  • adjustable welder and grinder speed (in world settings)
  • name and location of blocks visible in terminal can be shown on HUD
  • new inventory filter (hide empty inventories)
  • join game search box
  • hacking computers is a bit slower (grinding block of non-friend is slower by factor of 3)


  • fixed some Factions issues (turrets shooting on it's own ship, non-changeable ownership)
  • reduced network bandwidth during line/plane building
  • fixed beacon range and visibility
  • fixed issue when beacon broadcast was killing the server
  • fixed issue when antenna was working without power
  • fixed red circle after re-spawn
  • fixed beacon broadcast distance does not save
  • fixed old save files have no ownership

Hotfix 01.038.013

  • fixed 5x5 wheel assembly for small ship disintegrates when trying to place/build
  • fixed wheels not controllable
  • fixed no button sounds
  • fixed wheels reversing after converting from station
  • fixed negative multipliers (i.e -1 -2) cause the grinder to actually build rather than grind
  • fixed solar panels turned off after ship spawn
  • fixed thrusters had incorrect direction after merge
  • fixed crash during ship merge
  • fixed crash in terminal
  • fixed crash in toolbar
  • updated wheel icons in G screen