Update 01.017.010

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  • multi-player chat added (press Enter to write, another Enter to send)
  • heavy armor resistance. In the previous update we added heavy armor, but its resistance when compared to light armor wasn't large enough. This update rebalanced heavy armor strength and now it can sustain a lot more damage (missile explosions, bullet impacts, collisions, warhead explosion). Try it!
  • ammo models and icons
  • when pasting, CTRL + mouse wheel can be used to move paste position closer/further
  • option to disable multiplayer weapons
  • ladders have been replaced with passage blocks due to complicated implementation of the climbing in various gravity settings. Now, you can create passages either horizontally or vertically and fly or walk through by using your jetpack.


  • fixed velocity of rotating blocks when split
  • rewritten toolbar, now saved with world
  • fixed missile collision damaged blocks (sometimes it went through)
  • fixed open/close door issue
  • fixed cube building gizmo
  • fixed pasting active drill
  • fixed 3rd person camera rotation