Steel Catwalk Plate

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Steel Catwalk Plate Icon.png
Large Ship / Station
Steel Catwalk Plate
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Dimensions (W,H,L)1,1,1
Mass193 kg
193,000 g
193,000,000 mg
0.193 t
Build time10 s
Is AirtightPartially
PCU Cost1
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The Steel Catwalk Plate is a thin access walkway with no safety barriers whatsoever.


Often used in conjunction with the other catwalks as a space efficient way to create walkways/passages while only using up one block space although it uses up more iron than an ordinary light armor block. It can also be used for cover, and decoration purposes.


Steel Catwalk Plate SteelCatPlate01.jpg


  • The catwalks actually cost slightly more iron to produce than Armor blocks, but they're great space savers, and don't deform when damaged although they do not take as much damage.

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